Angelina Tsuboi OfficialNew Edition

The Future of Satellite Communication: Optical Communication and Lasers. Is it Secure?

About the Author Angelina Tsuboi is a software developer and an aerospace cybersecurity instructor focusing on satellite systems. With over …

Feb 23,2024

15 min read

Olga Nasibullina OfficialNew Edition

Safeguarding Earth's Frontline: The Crucial Role of Cybersecurity in Space Operations

The security of space assets has become paramount in our interconnected world, where space operations rely on a complex infrastructure …

Feb 23,2024

9 min read

Anaïs Shay-Lynn Vydelingum OfficialNew Edition

Space Cybersecurity: a Strategic Issue in the Current Geopolitical Context

by Anaïs Shay-Lynn Vydelingum The security of space infrastructures is a geopolitical issue, as space-based resources are increasingly used by …

Feb 23,2024

5 min read

Jamel METMATI OfficialNew Edition

S-WAN: Simulate the test of Space systems

The article presents the simulation environment for SmallSat. The purpose is to show how to create an environment to test …

Feb 21,2024

8 min read

Afshan Naqvi Course

AWS Security Essentials: Building a Resilient Cloud Defense (W74)

"AWS Security Essentials: Building a Resilient Cloud Defense" is a concise course that provides essential knowledge and skills to secure your Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure effectively. Learn key security principles and best practices to safeguard your AWS resources and data against threats and vulnerabilities.

Nov 16,2023

12 min read

Rausson Gouveia Course

Create Your Own Command & Control Tool with Golang (W73)

Enter a short description of the course.

Oct 04,2023

6 min read

Kate Libby Course

Kismet Wireless: Network Monitoring and Analysis (W72)

COURSE IS SELF-PACED, AVAILABLE ON DEMAND DURATION: 6 hours CPE POINTS: On completion, you get a certificate granting you 6 …

Sep 14,2023

9 min read

Youssef Khaoulaj Course

Web Application Penetration Testing (W71)

Enter a short description of the course.

Aug 30,2023

8 min read

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