Beast Bomber - SMS bomber, email spammer, WhatsApp spammer, Telegram spammer, Discord spammer and DoS attacker.

Beast Bomber in Telegram: (in development)

Beast Bomber in GitLab:

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  • SMS spammer(works better with proxy)
  • Email spammer
  • WhatsApp spammer
  • Discord spammer
  • Telegram spammer
  • DoS attack


  • git clone

First setup

  • You must have support for "less secure apps" set to "turn on" on your Gmail. Here is the link to do so:
  • The program will configure everything else on its own. If the automatic setup fails, you can set it up manually. Along with Beast Bomber comes a requirements.txt file. This file contains external dependencies. To install them, you need to open cmd/terminal and write: pip install -r requirements.txt

The setup is done!


  • cd Beast_Bomber
  • python3

📌 Discord spammer

To use Discord spammer, you need a preferably empty account that is on the same server as the person you want to spam to. Also, the account must have 2FA turned off. To find the account token, you need to open the developer's tools and in the network, tab to find "science" and copy the token in it, here is a screenshot:

📌 DoS attack

Test results from

  • Threads - 40
  • Attack time - 30 seconds

📌 Email spammer

For the email spammer, you need to specify an email and password (email: password) in the emails.txt file. You can specify more than one (each email: password on a new line) to spam from multiple addresses at once.

📌 Problems and their solutions

If you see something like this:

This means that you don't have the library that is specified in error, in this case: "_ctypes". You need to enter in the terminal or cmd:

  • pip install the name of the required library (example: pip install _ctypes)

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Crypto wallets

  • Smart chain: 0x96a0B6E4274771D5f3F8e59564b58C35D74D8Cc1
  • Bitcoin: bc1qxfvstf99kyuc5x5uugxtsh3m6w3a73ruzfav7e
  • Ethereum: 0x96a0B6E4274771D5f3F8e59564b58C35D74D8Cc1
May 26, 2022
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