Hakin9 is Your Source of Ethical and Unethical Hacker Knowledge

You will find here the best technical solutions and latest trends in IT security. We wish to make this knowledge accessible to everyone, whether they are professionals or hobbyists.

The ISSUES and WORKSHOPS we publish are written and prepared by well-known IT specialists who put theory into practice and show you how to gain high level hacking skills.

Hakin9 Magazine is published once a month

    • Hakin9 is usually dedicated to a certain theme and is published at the end of every month. Inside, you will find top trends in tools and techniques used to secure your system better. Our GitHub Corner present you popular and unknown tools, so you can always find something interesting. Every issue focuses on defense and prevention methods, but also discusses ways of enhancing tools already available and how to use them to break into other computer systems, thus making it a versatile and informative publication.

Hakin9 Workshop is published once every three months

    • Our Workshops are created from reading materials used in online courses. They are a standalone e-books that anyone can purchase. If you already have an access to our online courses, Workshop e-Book will be an extra bonus.

    • Important notice:  Some of the materials from courses, like videos or particular exercises, are not presented in Workshops. If you would like to gain access to all the materials, you have to buy a course.

Can I submit an article for Hakin9?

Of course you can! We are always  looking for creative Guest Authors and Writers to join our Community. Tutorials, how-to guides, reviews, presentations of tools, hacking techniques, overviews, and case studies are always needed.

*Note: Each submission is carefully checked and considered, we cannot guarantee it will be published.

What language should the article be submitted in?

The articles should be written in English. If you’re worried about your English not being good enough, stop worrying. What really matters is that you’re an expert in your field. We can help you with your English skills and make it suitable for all readers. There are many people who know English well, but there are not many people who can write about the things you can write about. Remember that.

Guidelines for submitting a guest blog:

Our blog is open for everyone, if you have something interesting to share with our readers, go ahead! To post a blog article, all you have to do is register on our website (as a free user – so no payment needed).

To post blog article watch below guide:

To make things easier we prepared few points about posting on our blog:

    • Exclusivity

We only accept articles which are original, do not copy someone’s article without their permission. Please make sure than any submissions are exclusive to our website. If you want us to repost your article (from your own blog, from example), please contact us directly.

    • How long should the blog be?

The best articles are concise and to the point. Content should be between 600 and 1200 words.

    • You can add visual examples, graphs

It’s not necessary or you don’t have to follow this point, but ask yourself whether a graph or table of data would help visualise your point better than text

    • Your personal Bio and photo

Don’t forget to introduce yourself! You can add a photo image, and a couple of lines about you and what you do, along with links to your website and social media accounts (if you have them).

If you have more questions contact us at: [email protected]

Article Submission Guide:

Submitting an article to Hakin9 Magazine is different than submitting a blog post. The first step will be to propose a subject you specialize in and you’d like to write about.

Topics: (preferred)

Latest hacking techniques

Security aspects of IT technologies

Programming security-related applications

Penetration testing techniques

Forensic analysis techniques

Security management and strategies – practical examples

The edges of hacking – reality hacking, interesting projects, new concepts, ideas and more. Formatting: All material should be sent in Word Format, size 12 font, single spacing. Article length must be 1500 words and up. Every article should have:

– Introduction and conclusion – All articles begin with an introduction. It doesn’t have to be long,  6-8 sentences are enough to present your topic. The same rule apply to conclusion

– Paragraphs: Your article should be divided into paragraphs which should have headings.

– Graphics: You can also put graphics/screenshots in the text. Please, remember to title each graphic. Graphics should be supplied in JPG or PNG format.

– If you would like to add some links, you need to put it in a special section (named On The Web) at the end of the article (after conclusion)

– If the article contains important and/or highly technical terms, it is a good idea to list them at the end (after summary or “on the web” section).

– Don’t forget about bibliography and references! Place them after ON THE WEB section.

– About the Author: Please add your photo and write a few words about yourself, for example: the author has been working as a computer network administrator in a large company for the past eight years and is also involved in developing database and Web-based applications, intended primarily for improving corporate information management

Don’t worry, if you will forget to apply some of the above rules – we’re here to correct whatever gets past you. However, by applying them correctly you make our job easier and as a result your text is more likely to be favorably evaluated.

When your article is completed, it will be read by our editorial team and you will receive comments and suggestions regarding the possible changes. Then it will also be sent to our beta testing team, which might give you more suggestions on how to change or expand the article. Once the paper is beta tested and corrected, it will be published!

Just send us an e-mail at [email protected]

Become an Instructor!

We are always open to new ideas and look to expand our catalogue of online courses. Is there something you feel passionate and confident enough about that you would like to share your knowledge and skills with others? If that rings a bell, you should contact us.

If you can’t think of a topic immediately but strongly feel that your experience will translate into an online course very well – contact us anyway, we can help find a topic for a perfect class for you.

Some information you may need:

– We try to make our courses as practical as we can, and our goal is to teach skills instead of just knowledge. During the development of the course, you will be asked to prepare practical tasks for students, so you should think ahead about that.

– Before we sign a contract, we will need a general overview of the planned course, together with a list of proposed practical exercises. That not only allows us to judge the attractiveness of the course, but also lets us start the marketing as soon as possible.

– You will also have to prepare a set of theoretical materials which will be released before the course, so every participant starts already equipped with the information they need.

– We require our instructors to provide a video trailer and a portrait-quality picture of themselves. If you have never done a promotional or introductory video, we can assist in the production. If you are uncomfortable working in front of the camera though, maybe you should consider another form of cooperation – videos are an integral part of our courses.

– During the course you will be expected to engage with the students, not design the materials and evaluate tasks. They are there because they want to learn from you!

If all this did not scare you but made you even more excited for your own online course, contact our contact our training coordinator Marta at  [email protected]

Hakin9 Magazine is always open for new cross-promotion possibilities.

If you would like to increase your brand recognition and broaden your audience, then you definitely should consider adding Hakin9 Magazine to your Media Partners. Why?

Because with us, you get your information delivered to a highly targeted group of professionals and enthusiasts, set for sharing knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas.

Or maybe you seek a way to increase your company’s visibility on the Internet? Our advertisement options will be adjusted to your needs. Just send us a message to discuss details.

We can offer you:

– Dedicated email blasts/newsletter posts;

– Magazine advertisement;

– Website banner/advertisement;

– Website listing among Hakin9 Partners;

– Article in our magazine about your product, review or blog post

– Interview

– Social media activity;

Please note that the conditions of each partnership are negotiated individually.

If you are interested in this option, please write MEDIA PARTNERSHIP/ ADVERTISEMENT to [email protected]

What is beta testing?

Most magazines prepare the articles using only the knowledge and experience of an editorial team. Hakin9 does much more. Our active readers take part in the editorial process as beta testers.

You can become one of them today!

What does a beta tester do?

Beta testing in Hakin9 magazine means:

– Receiving articles at an early stage of production for review, so you, our most valued readers, can tell us whether the subject is of interest to you, whether it is prepared the way you’d like to read it, etc.

– Taking part actively in many various activities connected with production of Hakin9 magazine

It’s up to you, how active you are – you have no obligations whatsoever. You can take part when you have time and will to do so. You can simply ignore help requests at the time when you’re too busy with your own stuff.

How to become a beta tester?

Becoming Hakin9 beta tester is as simple as signing up for our beta testers list. All you have to do is send us an email to the following address with ‘beta testing group’ as the e-mail’s subject: [email protected]

You will receive a confirmation and you will be added to Hakin9′s beta testers list.

Addresses of subscribers are not revealed to any other party and there  is no commercial content distributed to the list.

Please note: This is a beta testing list for English-language articles only.

What will you gain?

Active beta testers can expect the following in return for their help:

– Every issue publishes a list of active beta testers who helped to prepare it, so your name is published as part of the editorial team of the world’s largest IT security magazine – we publish your name only when we have your approval!

– You receive articles much earlier than anyone else and you can take part in adjusting them to your requirement

– The system of discounts that we have: 1 reviewed article equals 1% discount on all our products and subscriptions. If you are active beta you can even gain something for free!

– There is more to come: the more help we receive from you, the more you can expect from us in return, and be sure that we value our beta testers

Is there a catch?

No! You have no obligation, you can take part whenever you want to, you can sign out anytime you wish.

The only thing we ask you to do is to use your full name and surname when writing to the list, either in headers or in the signature, so we can publish your name in the magazine.

So don’t hesitate, sign up now!


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If you are interested in cooperating with us, please email:[email protected]


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