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Hakin9 is a monthly magazine dedicated to hacking and cybersecurity. In every edition, we try to focus on different approaches to show various techniques - defensive and offensive. This knowledge will help you understand how most popular attacks are performed and how to protect your data from them. Our tutorials, case studies and online courses will prepare you for the upcoming, potential threats in the cyber security world. We collaborate with many individuals and universities and public institutions, but also with companies such as Xento Systems, CATO Networks, EY, CIPHER Intelligence LAB, redBorder, TSG, and others.

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Guidelines for submitting a guest blog

Our blog is open for everyone, if you have something interesting to share with our readers, go ahead!

To make sure that your post will be published on our blog, you must make sure that you meet our requirements. Below, you will find all the necessary information related to guest posting. Please remember, every guest post goes through the editorial process, to check if everything is correct and according to our rules. We reserve the right to reject the post, especially if your article doesn’t meet our requirements. Link insertion is not accepted. As the articles are prepared by the independent researchers and authors, their work will not be changed after receiving approval from our side. During the last week of every month, submissions are suspended. We will respond to all messages that were sent during this time as soon as possible. 

The first step is to read the below requirements. Those elements must be included in your publication, so make sure to check everything. Send us a message with your topic suggestions (the emails and form are at the end of this post), so we approve it or give you feedback. When an article is ready it will go through the editorial process. We will evaluate your work to check if all elements are included. We reserve the right to reject the submission, especially if your article doesn’t meet our requirements. When all is good, the publication will appear on our blog. 

Sponsored posts go through the same process as described above. The same rules that are presented below also apply, the exception is the number of links contained in the article. In the free guest posts, you can have only two, while in the sponsored post there are no restrictions and they are do-follow. The article goes live after the payment is completed, contact our staff to receive information about the pricing. 

All publications - sponsored and free - have a permanent spot on our website unless authors decide otherwise. We can take down the article upon request.


We only accept original articles; do not copy someone’s article without their permission. If you want us to repost your article (from your own blog, for example), please contact us directly.


Cybersecurity is a wide area with many possible topics. But there are some ideas that were presented countless times and have no value. Before you choose a topic, check our blog for the latest posts and see if your idea will be a repetition of something we already have on our website. If you have problems with choosing the topic, write to us, and we will help you!


Our website is dedicated to hacking and offensive security, so make sure that your article is related to those topics (gaming, gambling, sports or other unrelated topics will be rejected). We want to present the best quality articles to our readers, therefore, posts about other topics will be rejected.


Guest posting is free of charge, therefore, you can place only two links in the article. Secondly, the links can’t lead to product pages, other training courses pages, company pages, or websites unrelated to the topic (no gaming, casino, or sports content as well). Inserting links into existing articles is not accepted. We will check each link to make sure that this requirement is met. If you want to have an unlimited number of links, ask us about sponsored post rules for more details. Sponsored posts receive permanent do-follow links.

How long should the blog be?

The best articles are concise and to the point. Content should be between 800 and 1,200 words.

You can add visual examples, graphs

It’s not necessary, and you don’t have to follow this point, but ask yourself whether a graph or table of data would help visualize your point better than text.

Your personal biography and photo

Don’t forget to introduce yourself! You can add a photo image, and a couple of lines about you and what you do, along with links to your website and social media accounts (if you have them).

If you have more questions or want to submit your idea contact us at: hello@hakin9.org, [email protected] or fill in the below form:

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Submit an article

Article Submission Guide

You have an idea for an article but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe your article is ready but you don’t know where to publish it? We have a solution for that! Hakin9 always has open spots for new submissions. If you want to publish your article in our magazine, just complete the short form below and our editor Marta will get back to you! Technical information and requirements are included below the submission form.

Submit an article

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All material should be sent in Word format, font Georgia, size 12, single spacing. Article length must be 1,500 words and up. Every article should have:

  • Introduction and conclusion: All articles begin with an introduction. It doesn’t have to be long,  6-8 sentences are enough to present your topic. The same rule applies to the conclusion.
  • Paragraphs: Your article should be divided into paragraphs that should have headings.
  • Graphics: You can also put graphics/screenshots in the text. Please, remember to title each graphic. Graphics should be supplied in JPG or PNG format.
  • If you would like to add some links, you need to put it in a special section (named On The Web) at the end of the article (after conclusion).
  • Don’t forget about bibliography and references! Place them after ON THE WEB section.
  • About the Author: Please add your photo and write a few words about yourself, for example: the author has been working as a computer network administrator in a large company for the past eight years and is also involved in developing database and Web-based applications, intended primarily for improving corporate information management.

You can download the whole list of our formatting guidelines from here: Hakin9 Formatting Guidelines.

Don’t worry, if you forget to apply some of the above rules – we’re here to correct whatever gets past you.

In case of questions, just send us an e-mail at [email protected]

Become Reviewer

What is reviewing?

Most magazines prepare the articles using only the knowledge and experience of an editorial team. Hakin9 does much more. Our active readers take part in the editorial process as reviewers.

What does a reviewer do?

Reviewing in Hakin9 magazine means:

  • Receiving articles at an early stage of production, so you, our most valued readers, can tell us whether the subject is of interest to you, whether it is prepared the way you’d like to read it, etc.
  • Taking part actively in many various activities connected with production of Hakin9 magazine - checking course syllabuses, creating future topics, and many more!

What will you gain?

Active reviewers can expect the following in return for their help:

  • Every issue publishes a list of active reviewers who helped to prepare it, so your name is published as part of the editorial team of the world’s largest IT security magazine – we publish your name only when we have your approval!
  • You receive articles much earlier than anyone else and you can take part in adjusting them to your requirement.
  • The system of discounts that we have: 1 reviewed article equals 1% discount on all our products and subscriptions. If you are active reviewer you can even gain something for free!

How to become a reviewer?

Becoming Hakin9 reviewer is a very simple task!  All you have to do is send us an email to the following address with ‘reviewer group’ as the e-mail’s subject: [email protected]

You will receive a confirmation and you will be added to Hakin9′s reviewer list. Addresses of subscribers are not revealed to any other party and there is no commercial content distributed to the list.

Please note: We publish English-language articles only.

Is there a catch?

No! You have no obligation, you can take part whenever you want to, you can sign out anytime you wish. There is only one very important rule - if you take an article for review, you must give us feedback or inform us before the deadline that you can’t review it. Otherwise, if you take three articles without any response, we will remove you from the list, and you will be blacklisted for the next six months.

So don’t hesitate, sign up now!

Become an instructor

Is there something you feel passionate and confident enough about that you would like to share your knowledge and skills with others? If that rings a bell, you should contact us about becoming an instructor.

Some information you may need:

  • We try to make our courses as practical as we can, and our goal is to teach skills instead of just knowledge.
  • Before we sign a contract, we will help you design the workshop.
  • We will need a video introduction and a good-quality picture of you for the promotion of the course.
  • During the course you will be expected to communicate and interact with the students. They’re cool though :)

Sounds exciting? Contact our eLearning Manager here: [email protected] or go on the “Become our instructor” page for more details and submit an application there: https://hakin9.org/become-instructor/


Hakin9 Magazine can offer various options for advertisement and media partnership.

Do you want to get your information delivered to a highly targeted group of professionals and enthusiasts, set for sharing knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas from cybersecurity field? Or maybe you seek a way to increase your company’s visibility on the Internet? Our base of users is over 100k, so you will definitely catch someone's attention! Our advertising options can be adjusted to your needs by creating a customised plan. All published content will have information about this status. Just send us a message to discuss details.

We are also happy to become a media partner for conferences or similar events about cybersecurity or hacking, the details about this kind of partnership are best discussed individually, therefore, we highly encourage you to contact us!

We can offer you


article on our blog

Interview on our blog


email blast to our reader base  

banner/note in our newsletter


article in our magazine


advertisement in our magazine: half-page, full page, double-page

We offer fixed rates but if you are interested in packs or a customized plan, please note that the conditions of each partnership are negotiated individually.

If you are interested in this option, please write MEDIA PARTNERSHIP/ ADVERTISEMENT to hello@hakin9.org


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