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No, the magazine is available only in electronic version

We release a new issue of our magazine every month.

Usually not, but under special circumstances it can be negotiated individually.

Access to the archival issues of the magazine is granted only to our subscribers. These issues can be found in the “magazines” section.

No, we do not send the articles separately. All of the articles are parts of one product, therefore we do not divide it.

You are free to redownload an issue if you have lost it. However, we always monitor the number of downloads and user behavior, to make sure that there is no unauthorised access. If you own a single-user company account we expect a single user to be using it, and reserve the right to block access under suspicion more people are.accessing the account and downloading files.

For the majority of it, yes. Registration is required if you want to purchase our products, get a free preview of a magazine, or download our open-access issues. Without registering, you’ll have access only to our blog content, issues’ tables of contents and leads, and to the descriptions and syllabuses of our online course content.

No, it is also possible to get our products with a single purchase. You can find these products in our shop.

Archives are accessible only with a subscription. Depending on your subscription plan, you can access course archives or magazine archives. In course archives, you’ll find online trainings that have important information about hacking or cyber security, however, they are not covered in great detail and can be outdated. Their format also differs from our current one. Magazine archives include magazines from past years. We publish a new edition monthly, and to make sure that everything is stored properly, archives were created.

We don’t have trial options for our online courses. If you are interested in one of our online courses, check the curriculum. Every course has pre – course materials that are free to read or watch. From them, you can see what kind of direction the instructor will take and what to expect. On occasion, when a company reaches out to us and wants to enroll more than one user, we are inclined to offer access to one of our online courses for 24h, to test it. And like always, the process is negotiated individually, for more details please contact us at [email protected]

If an online course has a PDF with its reading materials, you will find a special unit with information about it in the curriculum section. If you are not a participant of the online course, you can purchase a stand alone PDF eBook with those materials from our shop. To find those PDFs, look for section Workshop eBooks. Caution: Not every online course has a workshop ebook.

Hakin9 Premium unlocks access to all online courses published at Hakin9 (those in archives and those available for single purchase). What’s more, you will gain access to courses published and launched during your yearly subscription. IT Pack Premium has the same rules as Hakin9 Premium, only the access is extended by other projects.

No, you can’t. There is no possibility to purchase a subscription or other products with monthly payments. However, we offer an installment plan for the Magazine Only option. To receive the plan send us a message at: [email protected]

Yes, you can. Just send us a message at[email protected] and write the information you need to have on the invoice along with product name you purchased and Tax ID of your company. In case of receipt, all we need is your address. Within 24h you will receive the invoice/receipt.

No, at this moment we don’t accept payments in bitcoins.

PayPal, Stripe, bank transfer and PolCard. In case of questions or problems, contact: [email protected]

PayPal is only one of a few payment methods we offer. Alternative options are PayU, PolCard, BitPay or bank transfer. For more details and help contact: [email protected]

We accept bank transfer as a form of payment. To receive the information for bank transfer you must contact [email protected] , don’t forget to write the name of the product in the email.

Once the payment reaches our banking account, which can take few days, you’ll receive access to your product immediately! However, if you deliver the banking payment confirmation, access to your product will be given without delay.

You can’t. We don’t accept this form of payment. The list of payment methods can be found in the FAQ section about payment methods or at the checkout page.

Yes, we do have corporate discounts. The more people who enroll, the higher the discount. If you want to enroll only one person from your company, we can offer only a 10% discount. To receive corporate discount please visit this page or contact us directly at [email protected]

We have participated as a media partner at various events for the cybersecurity field. We do cooperate with other organizations, sometimes by publishing the research of their authors in our magazine or through other options. For more information check about us page or contact us at [email protected]

The Premium subscription unlocks access to online courses. To have a chance to fully take advantage of its materials, you have to participate in assignments, labs, and the final exam. But most importantly, every student, upon successful course completion, will receive the certificate. Those tasks are performed by an individual user, as you can submit exercises only once, that’s why access to online courses requires an individual account.

We do accept PO as form of payment, however it is not accepted as a confirmation of payment. PO is considered by our internal policy as a document that indicates the beginning of the payment process. Only banking payment confirmation is accepted. However, we are inclined to accept a PO as confirmation of payment, but each situation is handled individually.

Yes it is possible to make this transfer. In case of corporate access, we will need information to make the change (delete the account or change the username).

Yes, we do have educational discounts on our products. We offer discounts for students, academic tutors, or even subscription plans for educational institutions. The discount is usually around 30%. For more details, please contact: [email protected] or check the page:

If the university or college decides to get our subscription package, it grants access to an unlimited amount of accounts with the university/college email domain. This means that every professor, student, faculty, staff, library or other university/college workers can have access with this package. The general form of access is login via IP address. You can also have a dedicated library account accessible with the IP address of your educational institution. For more details, please contact us at [email protected]

The access via IP Address was originally implemented for libraries, however, over time, it proved to be a perfect solution for other institutions or companies who wanted to give access to a large number of users. Essentially, you have one account that everyone can access when they are connected with the chosen IP address. The number of users is unlimited. For more information, contact [email protected]

We do. But every bargain is negotiated individually.

For more detail contact: [email protected]

You must contact [email protected]  Make sure to write the name of your conference and a short overview so we can learn more about your event. If you have a template of the agreement, please attach it to the message, it will definitely speed up the negotiation process.

Our company is always open for new partnerships! All you have to do is contact us at [email protected] and explain the details.

The number of subscribers is higher than 100k. All further information is protected by GDPR rules and we cannot reveal it.

You can have:
– sponsored article in our magazine
– sponsored article on our blog
– sponsored review
– advertisement in our magazine – half-page, full page, double-page
– sponsored interview
All content must be related to cybersecurity or hacking. We are always happy to start a new partnership, but we reserve the right to reject proposed content if it’s not related to our main theme. For more information check the page about us

Potential discounts are negotiated with one of our representatives. In case of budget limits or other customised plans (choosing more than one option), we are open for negotiations.

The Lifetime package is a very special option, offered to our long-term subscribers. The price is adjusted individually, based on the length and previous payments. You won’t find it on our website, however, you can always ask one of our representatives about it.

A week before the expiration date, you’ll receive notification about renewing your subscription. In this message, you will find the information about renewal options and who to contact to receive it. Every subscriber has a special discount. During the renewal process, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription, everything depends on you. To receive the renewal discount contact us at [email protected]

No, we do not. This option is disabled. With the approach of the expiration date of your subscription, our system will send notification messages with information about the possibility of renewal and what to do next.

According to our Terms and Conditions, there are only three possible options to issue a refund:

1) Non-delivery of the product.
2) Download and unzipping issues
3) Major defects.

Each option is described in detail on our terms and condition page:

The final decision about the refund is made by our representative after reviewing the evidence of defects.


It’s very easy. If there is something you feel passionate and confident enough about that you would like to share your knowledge and skills with others, contact our eLearning Manager Marta here: [email protected] or go on the “Become our instructor” page for more details and submit an application there:

Courses are made based on a contract, which includes compensation. This includes a basic compensation, dependent solely on the contract fulfillment, and two possible bonuses, dependent solely on course sales.

We have a good idea of what topics will suit our readers, and we have a list of topics that we would like to see done – but it’s not the only possibility here, if you have a workshop idea you would like, pitch it to us at

First of all, consider the topics that you’re the most passionate about. The ones that you would also like to get a deeper insight into. Think about the topics that are not covered by the available sources. Our team is here to assist you and advise, both in terms of the course topic, as well as forming the best version of the syllabus. Do not hesitate to contact us at

No, you don’t. Course materials and taking care of the participants can be done 100% remotely.

No, you don’t have to do it. The course materials can be recorded at your home using your own computer.

We can help you in various ways to improve the clarity of your communication in English (e.g. transcripts, captions, etc.), but please keep in mind that there is a lot of communication and presentation involved in the whole process of course development, so the ability to communicate easily in English is required. However we reserve a right to reject instructor application (for example, based on the thick/hard to understand accent).

No, part of your compensation for the course is remuneration for copyright transfer. The copyright is on the specific content you deliver (videos, audio, slides, text, etc), but it’s not on your knowledge – we do not include non-competition clauses or prevent you from teaching your course subject again, in any form. This is aimed to protect our student’s interest, and to make sure the materials you prepare do not end up loose somewhere on the internet, where we can’t guide people through them.

No. We own the copyright on our online courses.

No. We publish only original content.

No, you don’t have to be available live on our website. However, availability for a quick and regular contact during the course launch session is necessary.

Yes. Before signing the contract, both parties agree to the deadlines of delivering materials for particular modules and the final assignment. Usually, there is a two-week interval between the deadlines for subsequent parts of the course content. Other arrangements are available as well.

All syllabus changes must be discussed and confirmed before they can be applied. Moving topics around or rephrasing is generally OK. Adding new topics or removing previously planned topics after the course was announced is more difficult and needs to be considered carefully.

It depends on the time frame you take into account. On average, during the course launch session (which is when you will be the most active and will have the most obligations towards them), it’s comparable to a small classroom workshop. After the course launch session, with the courses being self-paced, the number can go up to several dozen active participants, and hundreds of people auditing (going through the materials but not the labs).

No, you can use whichever recording or editing software you wish or feel comfortable using. We do have some format requirements that need to be followed (output file type, resolution, etc.). If you need a recommendation, or have never used any recording software, ActivePresenter is usually our first choice as it’s easy to learn and set up.

It is not required. You can buy a professional microphone if you want to, but if you are able to provide a good quality audio with a regular one, it is not an obligation.

Actually we think that it’s the best way to share your knowledge with students who joined the course – by preparing video materials you can show them some cases, techniques and examples and how to deal with them on your monitor screen. They can learn by following your steps. Of course some materials can be also written (we are aware that not everything can be presented in the video).

We aim for our courses to be about 18 hours in length. This includes about 10-12 hours of going through the materials (videos & text), and about 6-8 hours of working on labs and practical assignments.

Yes, all materials are reviewed by our team before publishing.

Online Course Participants

To join the course, you can either purchase a seat or the premium subscription. In the first case, you chose a course that interests you, and you buy one seat. Premium subscription unlocks access to all online courses, so in this option your access is extended. Everything depends on your preferences.

No, we’re digital only. Hakin9 offers online courses and magazine (PDF issues) – available to download on our website.

You can access your online course from my products section, from your dashboard/profile, just look for courses section. Lastly, you can start the course from its main page. If you have problems with accessing the course because you only see the price or the access is blocked, contact:

First, check if the purchase was successful. If you received the receipt, and you can’t access the course, please send us a message at

Remember to add the number of your purchase and the name of the course.

You don’t. The launch session is the moment when the first materials from the online course are added. All our online courses are self-paced, so you can join the course at any moment.

Our courses are self-paced and that means that it’s up to you how much time it takes you to finish the whole course. Also, you can join a course at any moment. When it comes to the unlimited access, you keep access forever if you bought a course as a single product. If you join a course upon the subscription, unfortunately you lose your access when the subscription expires.

Because of the self-paced nature, you will still have the access to the materials after the course launch session is finished. If your access to the course is with the premium subscription, remember that you will no longer have it after your subscription expires.

Sorry, our online courses are for now available only in English. But maybe someday…:)

You can find this information on the course page. Also, we always remind you by the start of the course via e-mail (it’s better to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!).

No, the course materials are pre-recorded, so you can access them whenever it is convenient to you.

There is no schedule. Every course is self-paced and pre-recorded, which means that the schedule is entirely up to you.

As the courses are self-paced, this is entirely up to you. However, we aim for our courses to take about 18 hours of work for an average student. A few courses are shorter – you can always find appropriate information on the course page.

Certificates are included in online courses without additional payments. You always have a chance to receive it, but to do so you must first receive a certain number of points. To successfully pass the course, you must achieve a passing threshold. The information about passing threshold is in the course units, so make sure you read the information. You gather points by completing assignments and the final exam. When you reach the passing threshold, you will receive a certificate that will confirm your success.

Yes, you have to :) Each course contains tasks that you need to solve correctly to get a certificate.

No, certificates are already included in the price of online courses.

It depends on the course duration. You will find this information on the course page. Most frequently, our courses last 18 hours and 18 CPE points are awarded on completion.

We are mostly focused on the video tutorials or lectures. Reading materials, additional links to ebooks or other resources are also included. The practical part of the course includes: labs, assignments, exercises, using various softwares and final exam.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible. Course materials are part of the workshop and you will gain access to them when you join the course. Sometimes text course materials are available in workshop ebooks, but not every workshop has an addition in this form. Video materials are available only in the course.

You can’t. All video materials are an inseparable part of online courses. You can purchase reading materials separately from certain online courses. The workshop ebooks contain those materials.

You can’t. At this moment, we don’t offer an option to watch or download the video materials. Everything is stored on our servers and you must be connected to the internet to watch them.

Yes. In general, you can move through course units at your own pace, when you have time. But assignments and the final exam have certain timelines that you can’t miss. In assignments/exercises, it’s 30 days after you click to start them.The 30 day limit is a system requirement, and is limited to upload pages only. The upload pages should be accessed to upload assignments only (you can view the instructions in the course before that). If you time out, contact our staff and we’ll reset it for you. Final exams have various deadlines, so remember to read the information about the exam structure before clicking to start it.

If it’s not mentioned in the syllabus, it’s probably not covered – but it depends! If you’re seeing a more general theme being mentioned, it’s possible (for example, if the syllabus says the course goes over injection vulnerabilities, there’s a good chance SQL injection is covered as well). To make sure, contact our staff at and we can confirm that for you. If it’s early enough in the course development process, the instructor might even decide to include your topic, even if it wasn’t originally planned for!

That depends on the instructor. In general, we don’t have live classes or live consultations. There can be a few obstacles but the main one is different time zones. But if the instructor agrees, we won’t have anything against such possibility. And if there will be a demand among students and a willingness from the instructor, we will help in the organization. If you need to talk with instructor, there are other channels you can use: forum, comments under units or private message.

You can’t. We offer such an option only for those that purchase the course or subscribers. The contact is maintained via forum or private messages. Before you enroll in the course, you can contact our Training Coordinator at [email protected] Her email is also visible under every course syllabus.

First and foremost, you must be logged in. Once the system recognizes your status, go to ‘my products’ section, and from there you can access every online course that’s available. You can also access online courses from the online courses section. Remember that some courses are placed in the archives section! As a subscriber, you have access to all of them. In case of problems or questions, contact:

While your subscription is active, you have access to all our courses, automatically. If you run into any issues while accessing a course, please document the problem with screenshots and please contact us at for a solution.

You don’t. The end of your subscription means that your access is blocked and you can only access free materials. If you are interested in finishing the course materials, we highly recommend you consider the renewal. The renewal price is always lower than original price, for more details please contact our manager at

Yes, you will. You will be able to find them in the same place as before after logging into your account.

Only one person can participate in the course exercises – it will be impossible to grade multiple submissions from one account, as well as assign certificates.

If you have a educational subscription plan with course access,  you can create an account on our website, and unlock access to all materials. If you don’t have an individual account, contact the person responsible for subscription plan management in your university (your professor or check library page for details) and ask them for one.

If you have a corporate group subscription plan with course access, it is forbidden to share accounts for coursework – it will be impossible to grade multiple submissions from one account, as well as assign certificates. If you don’t have an individual account, contact the person responsible for subscription plan management in your institution and ask them for one.

Yes. Finishing the course blocks you from re-submitting assignments and using quiz retakes, but the units are all still accessible.

Magazine and Authors

Yes, the co-operations of authors are possible. All of the involved authors should be in contact with our editors.

Yes, we offer the opportunity to publish a sponsored post/article. For more information contact our Managing Editor (

Of course, our team is here to assist you. Just send us a message at

Yes, we do. Academic research is always very welcome.

Yes, you can. All submissions are very welcome! You don’t need to have any experience as the contributor – our only criterion in evaluation is the value of the article content, not your previous experience. For more details contact our editor at

Your deadline can be extended only under special circumstances. This is negotiated with the editor who is in contact with the author.

If you feel that you want to remain anonymous, your request will be respected. However, we encourage our contributors to publish under their real names in general.

Yes, the copyright belongs to you. When the article is published in our magazine, we have a license for the publication. If you wish to publish your article in some other places, you can do it after two months. Terms and conditions of re-publishing are negotiated individually.

Every article is sent to proofreading during our publishing process. It’s the knowledge what matters the most. Therefore, as long as you preserve clarity of the presentation in your writing, you don’t need to worry too much about your English proficiency.

If you think it is necessary to explain to the readers some aspects of the described issue, yes, you can. But if it’s not related to the topic of the article, please put this information in “About the author” section.

No, it isn’t. If you don’t want to add your photo to this section, it’s fine.

Yes, you can. The field of cybersecurity is very dynamic, many things change quite fast, so updates are very welcome. Also, if you feel that you can add some new perspective to what has been already published, do not hesitate to contact us at

You can add such links in “About the Author” section. Links in the article should be related to the main topic of your publication.

Of course you can, but please note that by doing this you share your contact with all the people who downloaded the issue that contains your article (sometimes several thousand people), so consider adding a contact, because we do not have an influence on who will write to you or call you. But of course it’s also a great way to make contacts with the hakin9 community – e.g. some of our authors found a new job this way (someone from some company saw their article, was impressed by it and wanted to have such an expert in their team!). Also, sometimes readers have question to the author and thanks to your contact mentioned in the article, they can reach out to you!

It’s simple – write an excellent and outstanding article! We put the best articles on the cover of the magazine. Of course sometimes choosing them is very hard, because all the articles in the issue are so great and there is only space for 3-4 publications on the cover. Often the articles on the cover are also related to the main topic of the magazine – if you want to know what the subject will be for the upcoming issue , ask our Managing Editor who is responsible for our publication schedule (

Yes, you can! Every magazine has a cover topic, but we always add articles that are not related to the main subject, because sometimes people who are not interested in the cover topic also wait for our next issue and in this way they can benefit from other articles.

Sure, you can! It’s not necessary, but you can add screenshots, visual examples and images if you want. It can definitely enrich your article and help visualize your point of view. It’s best to title each graphic. Graphics should be supplied in JPG or PNG format and their source should be mentioned. Also, please don’t add images for ‘decorative’ purposes.

Sure! Feel free to connect them with us. We highly value the recommendations of our authors.

Sure! We plan our publication schedule in advance, so you can apply for the issue that will come out in one, two or three months. However, we have to know about it earlier (you should not delay if you previously declare yourself for an exact date).

Usually we give our authors from 10 to 14 days to prepare an article (the time starts counting from the moment we agree on the subject of the publication), but if you need more time, let us know earlier. We will be able to expand your deadline, but please, do not leave informing us about delays to the last minute. We have a publication schedule and we have to stick to it.

Yes, of course! Every author will get the complimentary author copy, but what’s important – it’s forbidden to share it publicly. All articles contained within are licensed for publication by Hakin9 Magazine only, and the publication layout and design are copyrighted by the company

Yes, of course. We are happy to cooperate with you regularly. When you write for six editions in a row – except for copies of all magazines that contain your articles, you will receive our subscription Hakin9 Magazine Only (access to all our magazines that we have on our website).

No, there is no cost associated with submitting the article and publishing it in Hakin9 Magazine, unless you want to prepare an article that advertises your products or services of your company – then the publication is payable.

You’ll get a free author copy (which contains other articles written by security specialists and experts), special author discount on chosen products, our help and recommendation, but for publishing an article there is no money equivalent. Our authors want to publish articles with us because it allows them to reach a big audience, make contacts with people from the cybersecurity community and expand their publications portfolio. Also, we offer work that is paid (based on a contract) – instructing an online course for Hakin9. In practice, our best authors very often become our instructors.

In general, there are no restrictions, but if the article is less than 1,500 words, it might be recommended for the blog.

Our magazines contain articles prepared exclusively for Hakin9 Magazine (that were not previously published anywhere else), but the situation is different with Hakin9 blog. You can repost your article there (from your own blog/LinkedIn, for example). We’ll add the link to the original post (all credits to you).

We publish papers prepared exclusively for Hakin9 Magazine that were not previously published anywhere else. According to our rules, you can post the article on your blog / on a different website two months after publishing it in Hakin9 Magazine (mentioning that it was originally published in Hakin9 Mag and providing the link to the magazine). So after two months – feel free! :)

Yes, of course! But they have to be related to the topic of hacking or cybersecurity, bring value to our readers, and not be published anywhere else.


It depends :) We’re not Google search and we don’t know the solution to all your problems, but, of course, we can help you if you have technical problems with our website/payments/access to our articles or courses, etc.

Yes, we do. We collaborate with many individuals, but also with companies such as IBM, Xento Systems, CATO Networks, EY, CIPHER Intelligence LAB, redBorder, TSG, and others

It’s great that you wish to become a part of our community! If you feel that you have a sufficient cybersecurity experience and knowledge, as well as time for reviewing, please contact our editor, Marta, at: to discuss further steps and find out about the advantages of being associated with us!

Our headquarters is located in Warsaw, Poland. The detailed address is:
Hakin9 Media sp. z o.o. SK
Postępu 17D
02-676 Warsaw

Yes, sometimes we are present at events that are dedicated to hacking and cybersecurity and we give our patronage for many of them. But, of course, we don’t attend all the conferences, but we are monitoring what is happening in the cybersecurity world all the time.

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