hackingtool - All in One Hacking tool For Hackers

All in One Hacking tool For Hackers

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Update Available

  • Added New Tools
  • Fix Errors
  • Uninstall hackingtool Script Available
  • Removed Unused Library

In Beta

This project still in BETA so you may face problems, please open an issue so I'll fix them.

Hackingtool Menu

  • AnonSurf
  • Information Gathering
  • Password Attack
  • Wireless Attack
  • SQL Injection Tools
  • Phishing Attack
  • Web Attack Tool
  • Post exploitation
  • Forensic Tools
  • Payload Creator
  • Router Exploit
  • Wifi Jamming
  • XSS Attack Tool
  • SocialMedia Finder
  • DDos Attack Tools
  • Steganography Tools
  • IDN Homograph Attack
  • Hash Cracking Tools
  • SocialMedia Attack
  • Android Hack
  • Update System


  • Anonymously Surf
  • Multirotor

Information Gathering

  • Nmap
  • Dracnmap
  • Port Scanning
  • Host To IP
  • Xerosploit
  • Infoga - Email OSINT
  • ReconSpider
  • RED HAWK (All In One Scanning)
  • ReconDog
  • Striker
  • SecretFinder
  • Port Scanner
  • Breacher

Password Attack

  • Cupp
  • WordlistCreator
  • Goblin WordGenerator
  • Credential reuse attacks
  • Wordlist (Contain 1.4 Billion Pass)

Wireless Attack

  • WiFi-Pumpkin
  • pixiewps
  • Bluetooth Honeypot GUI Framework
  • Fluxion
  • Wifiphisher
  • Wifite
  • EvilTwin

SQL Injection Tools

  • sqlmap tool
  • NoSqlMap
  • Damn Small SQLi Scanner
  • Explo
  • Blisqy - Exploit Time-based blind-SQL injection
  • Leviathan - Wide Range Mass Audit Toolkit
  • SQLScan

SocialMedia Attack

  • Instagram Attack
  • AllinOne SocialMedia Attack
  • Facebook Attack
  • Application Checker

Android Attack

  • Keydroid
  • MySMS
  • Lockphish (Grab target LOCK PIN)
  • DroidCam (Capture Image)
  • EvilApp (Hijack Session)

Phishing Attack

  • Setoolkit
  • SocialFish
  • HiddenEye
  • Evilginx2
  • Shellphish
  • BlackEye
  • I-See-You(Get Location using phishing attack)
  • SayCheese (Grab target's Webcam Shots)
  • QR Code Jacking

Web Attack

  • SlowLoris
  • Skipfish
  • SubDomain Finder
  • CheckURL
  • Blazy
  • Sub-Domain TakeOver


  • Vegile - Ghost In The Shell
  • Chrome Keylogger

Forensic Tool

  • Bulk_extractor
  • Disk Clone and ISO Image Aquire
  • AutoSpy
  • Toolsley
  • Wireshark

Payload Generator

  • The FatRat*
  • Brutal
  • Stitch
  • MSFvenom Payload Creator
  • Venom Shellcode Generator
  • Spycam
  • Mob-Droid

Exploit Framework

  • RouterSploit
  • WebSploit
  • Commix
  • Web2Attack
  • Fastssh

SocialMedia Finder

  • Find SocialMedia By Facial Recognation System
  • Find SocialMedia By UserName
  • Sherlock
  • SocialScan


  • SteganoHide
  • StegnoCracker
  • Whitespace

DDoS Attack tool

  • SlowLoris
  • SYN Flood DDoS Weapon
  • UFOnet
  • GoldenEye

XSS Attack tool

  • DalFox(Finder of XSS)
  • XSS Payload Generator
  • Advanced XSS Detection Suite
  • Extended XSS Searcher and Finder
  • XSS-Freak
  • XSpear
  • XSSCon
  • XanXSS

IDN Homograph

  • EvilURL

Email Verifier

  • KnockMail

Hash Cracking Tool

  • Hash Buster

Installation in Linux:

This tool must run as ROOT

git clone https://github.com/Z4nzu/hackingtool.git

chmod -R 755 hackingtool  

cd hackingtool

sudo pip3 install -r requirement.txt


sudo hackingtool

After following all steps just type in terminal root@kaliLinux:~ hackingtool

Thanks to original author of the tools used in hackingtool

MIT License

Please Don't Use for illegal Activity

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Contact Via Twitter or Email

Feel free to make a pull request if you feel that you have improved this tool

Don't forget to share with your friends

Thank you!!

Page: https://github.com/Z4nzu/hackingtool

April 29, 2022
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Alex Carter
Alex Carter
2 months ago

I had high hopes for this tool, only to be let down.
Error: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend. Is held by process 3627344.
Is there another way to run it? Or is this another Hakin9 scam tool?

Agata Staszelis [STAFF]
Reply to  Alex Carter

Hi, please, check out the tool repository, the issues section https://github.com/Z4nzu/hackingtool
Those are independent tools available on GitHub. We, Hakin9, only provided an article on the subject. Tools and scripts have problems. Life is life :)

26 days ago
Reply to  Alex Carter

That error usually occurs when trying to install packages with apt or dpkg without being root.

5 months ago

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/share/doc/hackingtool/hackingtool.py”, line 11, in
from tools.ddos import DDOSTools
File “/usr/share/doc/hackingtool/tools/ddos.py”, line 29
“sudo”, “python3 ddos”, method, url, socks_type5.4.1, threads, proxylist, multiple, timer])
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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