Osintgram is a OSINT tool on Instagram

Disclaimer: FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY! The contributors do not assume any responsibility for the use of this tool.

Warning: It is advisable to not use your own/primary account when using this tool.

Tools and Commands 🧰

Osintgram offers an interactive shell to perform analysis on Instagram account of any users by its nickname. You can get:

- addrs           Get all registered addressed by target photos
- captions        Get user's photos captions
- comments        Get total comments of target's posts
- followers       Get target followers
- followings      Get users followed by target
- fwersemail      Get email of target followers
- fwingsemail     Get email of users followed by target
- fwersnumber     Get phone number of target followers
- fwingsnumber    Get phone number of users followed by target
- hashtags        Get hashtags used by target
- info            Get target info
- likes           Get total likes of target's posts
- mediatype       Get user's posts type (photo or video)
- photodes        Get description of target's photos
- photos          Download user's photos in output folder
- propic          Download user's profile picture
- stories         Download user's stories  
- tagged          Get list of users tagged by target
- wcommented      Get a list of user who commented target's photos
- wtagged         Get a list of user who tagged target

You can find detailed commands usage here.

Latest version | Commands | CHANGELOG

Installation ⚙️

1 .Fork/Clone/Download this repo

git clone https://github.com/Datalux/Osintgram.git

2. Navigate to the directory

cd Osintgram

3. Create a virtual environment for this project

python3 -m venv venv

4. Load the virtual environment

On Windows Powershell: .\venv\Scripts\activate.ps1

On Linux and Git Bash: source venv/bin/activate

5. Run pip install -r requirements.txt

6. Open the credentials.ini file in the config folder and write your Instagram account username and password in the corresponding fields

Alternatively, you can run the make setup command to populate this file for you.

7. Run the main.py script in one of two ways

As an interactive prompt python3 main.py <target username>

Or execute your command straight away python3 main.py <target username> --command <command>

Docker Quick Start 🐳

This section will explain how you can quickly use this image with Docker or Docker-compose.


Before you can use either Docker or Docker-compose, please ensure you do have the following prerequisites met.

  1. Docker installed - link
  2. Docker-composed installed (if using Docker-compose) - link
  3. Credentials configured - This can be done manually or by running the make setup command from the root of this repo

Important: Your container will fail if you do not do step #3 and configure your credentials


If docker is installed you can build an image and run this as a container.


docker build -t osintgram .


docker run --rm -it -v "$PWD/output:/home/osintgram/output" osintgram <target>
  • The <target> is the Instagram account you wish to use as your target for recon.
  • The required -i flag enables an interactive terminal to use commands within the container. docs
  • The required -v flag mounts a volume between your local filesystem and the container to save to the ./output/ folder. docs
  • The optional --rm flag removes the container filesystem on completion to prevent cruft build-up. docs
  • The optional -t flag allocates a pseudo-TTY which allows colored output. docs

Using docker-compose

You can use the docker-compose.yml file this single command:

docker-compose run osintgram <target>

Where target is the Instagram target for recon.

Alternatively, you may run docker-compose with the Makefile:

make run - Builds and Runs with compose. Prompts for a target before running.

Makefile (easy mode)

For ease of use with Docker-compose, a Makefile has been provided.

Here is a sample workflow to spin up a container and run osintgram with just two commands!

  1. make setup - Sets up your Instagram credentials
  2. make run - Builds and Runs a osintgram container and prompts for a target

Sample workflow for development:

  1. make setup - Sets up your Instagram credentials
  2. make build-run-testing - Builds an Runs a container without invoking the main.py script. Useful for an it Docker session for development
  3. make cleanup-testing - Cleans up the testing container created from build-run-testing

Development version 💻

To use the development version with the latest feature and fixes just switch to development branch using Git:

git checkout development

and update to the last version using:

git pull origin development

Updating ⬇️

To update Osintgram with the stable release just pull the latest commit using Git.

  1. Make sure you are in the master branch running: git checkout master
  2. Download the latest version: git pull origin master

Contributing 💡

You can propose a feature request opening an issue or a pull request.


October 22, 2021
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3 months ago

“Traceback (most recent call last):
 File “Osintgram.py”, line 13, in <module>
   from geopy.geocoders import Nominatim
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘geopy’

why this error?

Yugendhra venkatesh
Yugendhra venkatesh
5 months ago

where to type these commands??

6 months ago

: Bad Request: two_factor_required
what does this mean? the target account is public

6 months ago

ClientError Please wait a few minutes before you try again. (Code: 429, Response: {“message”: “Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”, “status”: “fail”})Please wait a few minutes before you try again.  help me

8 months ago

this only works on public profiles

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