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Flexitime & Flexplace Studies

Hakin9 comes with yearly unlimited access to all online materials. Hakin9 offers the online IT security courses and provides you the skills needed to learn how to become the Ethical Hacker. All courses are available online and in PDF version. You decide when you will work and where you will work.

Interaction & Ability to Concentrate

Hakin9 Online Courses offer the opportunity to participate in class discussions, forum or chats with more ease than face-to-face class sessions. You won't be distracted by other participants anymore.

Become a Certified Hacker

Hakin9 offers Hakin9 Certificates. When you complete the Hakin9 courses, you will obtain the certification that will prove your practical skills. Hakin9 Certificate is the most practical and professionally oriented certification.

Hakin9 Online Course is for ...

Cyber Fraud Investigator, Security Consultant, IT Security Manager, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Security Engineer, Security Professional, Security Architecture and Threat and Security Incident Manager, Network Admin, System Admin, System Architect for Gov't systems, CISSP and QEH Professional, Information Assurance/Network Defense Expert, Malware Researcher ... .

Variety of Courses

No matter what age you are and where you are. If you wish to become an IT security expert, you will join our online courses when you are ready and you need to expand your skill set. Hakin9 offers the new online courses every month so that you will have the opportunity to explore areas of hacking by attending various courses designed for this purpose.

Comfortable Learning Environment

All courses and other materials are available online via private, secure account created by you. The materials can be read online or can be downloaded by you in user-friendly PDF versions. There is no need to fight traffic, find parking spaces, leave work early to go to class, or miss important family time.

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photodune-8522811-speaker-at-business-conference-and-presentation-mWANTED: Talented ​Instructors/​Trainers

​Hakin9 is currently seeking excellent​ instructors​ of online course and live classes. This is a highly interactive course​s​ and requires the best instructors​. Th​es​e​ ​are not theory​ courses and​ class​es​​. The course​s are​ designed to give ​our members real life scenarios and practical knowledge from IT Security field.

As a reminder, please send your resume ​to ewa.d@hakin9.org

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