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    Our first workshop that will help you become Certified Ethical Hacker. You will learn how to become certified ethical hacker with hands-on experience in hacking, exploiting the vulnerabilities and rooting the system.

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  • owasp

    Abdelli Nassereddine is an experienced penetration tester and security researcher, he is working as a security analyst for Sucuri Inc, a leading provider of website protection, malware detection and removal solutions.

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    This advanced hacking course is designed for the pentester, security professional, or hacker who is looking for an advanced course in system/network penetration. It is designed to be a hands-on, lab-oriented course using Kali Linux as a base operating system, but also using additional tools that we will add as needed. What makes this especially compelling is the section on mobile hacking, rootkits and exploit development, seldom found in basic to mid-level courses.

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    Exploit Development on Linux Platform Workshop by Raheel Ahmad.
    You will learn how to exploit buffer overflows and hacking into Linux Operating Systems, how to write an exploit from scratch to working exploit on Linux platform.

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    Software Security Testing Workshop by Raheel Ahmad.
    You will learn how to perform a software source code review and when to implement security in software development lifecycle.

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