Course Curriculum

(W00) Course Instructions 00:00:00
W32M00 Pre-Course Materials FREE 00:00:00
Free introductory materials. Lab setup and initial instructions inside - free access, no login necessary (just click the link above)!
(W32M01) Module 1 Lecture 00:00:00
In the first lecture of the course we will stretch our legs in our freshly set up lab, see what we'll go up against, and have a first taste of Wireshark and packet captures.
(W32M02) VM links and instructions 00:00:00
This unit contains downloads for all virtual machines used in the labs. You will need these to perform exercises throughout the course.
(W32M03) Course VMs - Video Instructions 00:00:00
A video lecture with setup instructions for course VMs.
(W32A01) Module 1 Lab 1 30, 00:00
(W32A02) Module 1 Lab 2: Attacking my website! 30, 00:00
(W32A03) Module 1 Lab 3: Bring me the new Messiahs! 30, 00:00
(W32A04) Module 1 Lab 4: Don’t stop believing! 30, 00:00
Module 2
(W32M08) Module 2 Video 00:00:00
In this lecture we'll learn more tools that are necessary to investigate malicious traffic in networks.
(W32A05) Module 2 Lab 1 UNLIMITED
(W32A06) Module 2 Lab 2: Scapy 10, 00:00
(W32A07) Module 2 Challenge 1: Stochastic network traffic with persistent malicious file 10, 00:00
(W32A08) Module 2 Challenge 2 UNLIMITED
Module 3
(W32M13) Module 3 Notes & Downloads 00:00:00
This unit gather all downloads needed for analysis in the course labs - mostly packet captures. You'll also find a handy cheatsheet here!
(W32M15) Cryptowall: Basic Analysis 00:00:00
In this video lecture we take a closer look at how we can analyze a CryptoWall attack by examining captured packets.
(W32M114) Module 3 Video - Inspecting Packets 00:00:00
In this lecture you'll learn all about what you can tell from looking at captured packets.
(W32A09) Module 3 Lab 1 - Packet Analysis 30, 00:00
(W32A10) Module 3 Lab 2: The Arppoison Packet 30, 00:00
(W32A11) Module 3 Lab 3 30, 00:00
Module 4
(W32A12) Module 4 Lab 1: Getting acquainted with Snort 30, 00:00
(W32A13) Module 4 Lab 2: Testing your Snort configuration 30, 00:00
(W32A14) Module 4 Lab 3: Attacking your Debian machine 30, 00:00
(W32A15) Module 4 Lab 4: Experimenting with defensive strategies 30, 00:00
Final Exam
(W32Q01) Final Exam 00:10:00
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