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 Course information: 

Course duration: 1 hour (1 CPE point) 

Course is self-paced and pre-recorded

This BLAST course is a self-contained workshop focused on one topic. To complete it you will need about 1 hour to get through the materials we publish, plus whatever time you'll need to perform the exercises. 

Blast Workshop: Drone Hijacker

Once the drone hijacker grabs the key, an attacker can send malicious packets to restrict the original owner of the drone from sending legitimate control commands. Instead, the drone will accept commands from the attacker. You’ll learn how to hack a drone and connect to it.

Covered topics:

  • Connect to an open network
  • Connect to a secure network
  • Detect and identify
  • Gain access
  • Active decode
  • Intercept and control
  • ONLINE LAB: Capture the drone!

Instructor’s Bio & Picture:

Carlos Manzo Trujillo is a software and hardware engineer with extensive experience and management skills and works for a hi-tech telecommunication company. The company develops and sells solutions that enable service providers to efficiently deliver high quality voice and data services over broadband access networks while leveraging investment in their network infrastructure. As a senior engineer he is responsible for the development of management software and quality assurance software products produced by the company. Carlos has a CSE from UTEL University of Mexico City.



What will you need?

  • Latest VMware Player, VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion or VirtualBox
  • Hard disk: Minimum 15GB of free space
  • RAM: 4GB Minimum 6GB recommended
  • Minimum dual core CPU (Intel prefered,I3 I5 or I7)
  • 64 Bits OS with administrator access: Windows, Linux or Mac OS
  • 2 free USB ports

Who is this course for?

  • This course is intended for everyone having an interest in security aspects related to hardware products or embedded devices.
  • Electronics enthusiasts and professionals



If you have any questions, please contact our eLearning Manager at [email protected].


Course Reviews


5 ratings
  • 5 stars2
  • 4 stars0
  • 3 stars1
  • 2 stars1
  • 1 stars1
  1. Drone Wi-Fi Hacking (W33)


    This course started out fine but it assumes you know a lot, without telling you what that is. In later videos you really do wonder what they are telling you and why you’re being shown news clips that you can watch on YouTube.

    The Final Exam uses unclear and badly worded questions that leaves you wondering what is actually being asked. Good luck there.

    I consider this course a complete waste of time and money.

  2. Good introduction course with valuable information


    The course is a good introduction to the topic with both short technical part but also a review of main concepts

  3. 2

    Good information easy to follow but the test questions/answers were vague and very difficult to extract from the curriculum, if they were even in there…

  4. 5 stars


    I just finished the BLAST Drone Warfare course. I found it very informative as I hold a sUAS pilot rating. I also finished a two level military UAS qualification course. I give the BLAST course 5 stars. The drone tactics and counter tactics were informative and useful. The list of drone hijacking/DoS/backdoor software was impressive. Of note; anyone taking this course should be familiar with the linux file structures and CLI. All the information you need to pass the final exam is in the course. Like any quality courses on Ethical Hacking, you need to really pay attention to the content and study.

  5. Difficult to find the information for the quiz


    I found this course difficult to take notes and difficult to take a quiz on. Information asked in the final quiz was not made clear through the videos and was difficult to find.

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