What is Vishing and How Can You Avoid Phone Call Scams? by Peter Baltazar


The world has become a dangerous place with the ever-evolving forms of cyberattacks. With the advancement in security technologies, the internet has become safer, but cybercriminals are also advancing themselves to find one or more ways to conduct illicit activities. If directly attacking any system is challenging, the intruders use indirect ways such as social engineering attacks for the infiltration. One of the most common social engineering attacks is Phishing. If you are familiar with the term Phishing, you might think of it as the social engineering attack in which the victims are psychologically manipulated to provide essential information and download malicious applications through emails. However, Phishing is pretty vast and not just limited to emails. There are various other forms that are popular among attackers for conducting Phishing. One of those is Vishing. So, what is Vishing? What are its types? How can you avoid Vishing happening to you?....

August 10, 2021
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Sky faith
7 months ago

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