What is Cyber Surgery?




  • UK SMEs woefully under protected

  • Financial and human resource constraints in SMEs mean weaker defences

  • Niche business prove more desirable to hackers

With the latest ‘Government Security Breaches Survey’* showing that nearly three-quarters (74%) of UK small organisations (or SMEs) reported a security breach in the last twelve months, it is undisputable that smaller UK businesses are now being targeted by digital attackers.

According to the latest statistics released by cyber security firm Symantec*, more than half (52.4%) of spear phishing attacks, carried out using fake emails in December last year were against SMEs, with November showing a massive spike.

The issue of cyber security for SMEs in the UK is made even more demanding by new EU regulations aimed at protecting customer data. The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation will come into force in 2018 and could result in companies being fined up to €20m or 4% of their annual turnover, whichever is greater, for allowing any security breaches to compromise their customer data.

PGI is sympathetic to the dilemma that SMEs find themselves in. Which is why we are doing all we can to assist them face and defend against the cyber threat.

Cyber Surgery

Is a ground breaking service providing SMEs across the country with free advice and help to help steer SMEs through the confusion of the Cyber risk and threat:

  • Pen testing and technical solutions

  • ISO / PCI and Standards

  • Training

  • Data recovery

  • Incidents, ransomware, malware etc.

Commenting on the launch, Brian Lord (Managing Director) said: “There are too many examples where smaller companies have had to either leave a risk untreated or under-treated, frequently purely down to time or money and often because the solutions offered appear extremely expensive and disproportionate. This under treatment generates an exposure to a cost of hacking or data breach that ranges from operational and customer service inconvenience, through to reputational damage, large fines and potentially company closure. Cyber Security need not be overly expensive, or complicated. I happily consider it PGI’s responsibility to offer free advice to small businesses that will help them negotiate what should be a straightforward landscape, as a result of which they only need to spend (with whomever they choose) what is absolutely necessary to protect themselves from the most common threats they face. It is hard enough to build and grow a SME as it is; the digital environment world should help such growth, not hinder.  It is an environment to be commercially exploited not feared.  A SME’s protection from the inherent on-line threats risks should be fast, transparent and affordable.  PGI help make it so.”


Contact number for PGI’s FREE cyber surgery - 01454 649418

October 17, 2016


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