The Social dangers of the dark web


Introduction Using the deep web takes a lot of responsibility, maturity and discipline, as it contains all sorts of malice and hosts all sorts of anti-social and deviant ideas. Whether it be propaganda or harm with intention, deviancy or anything else, the deep web serves consequences not only for one's self but also for the society in general. Normalization Normalizing the usage of the deep web among one's peers or acquaintances, or the spread of such behavior online, may lead to the deep web becoming a harbor for many ill characters. Ill characters can become a bigger part of the people you know. If the acts and services offered on the deep web become acceptable and usable, the spread of these services would become a sight not only on the clear web where social media websites are, but also in real life, where people who may have gotten addicted to....

September 7, 2023


Ahmad Albek
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    11 days ago

    This is a good explanation and warning against the dangers of visiting the Dark Web.

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