The Facebook Immunity System (FIS) uncovered

Oct 27, 2011

Facebook has recently released some interesting data from it's 'The Facebook Immunity System (FIS)'. According to FIS it processes and checks 650,000 actions every second (it can handle 25 billion actions every day - amazing) to maintain user safety from spam (The FIS reports just 1% of users reporting issues around spam) and other cyber related attacks.

Facebook has developed the FIS system (using a signature) that is able to differentiate between spam and legitimate messages (as well as 'creepers' - those who use Facebook but cause problems for others) for example basing on the links in spam messages, keywords and IP addresses. Spammers can beat this by using shortened URL services and switching systems (which switches IP addresses). When this happens the system relies on keyword scanning aka blacklist of words i.e. "iPad" or "free" are two common keywords. Read more....

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