The anatomy of hacker groups: who breaks into electronic systems and why? by Dominique René


Most people think hackers are criminals who steal other people’s money or personal data. However, as is the case with any other stereotype, this perspective is only partially true. In the context of electronic systems, hackers are first and foremost individuals with outstanding skills who understand the ins and outs of online services we use every single day. Furthermore, not all of them employ their expertise to wreak havoc. Many of them help strengthen other users’ security by participating in bug bounty programs or remediating the consequences of earlier breaches. Besides, some hacker groups have codes of ethics and their members firmly believe that governments have no right to interfere with people’s private lives and that the Internet should be an entirely free ecosystem without limitations and bans. To a certain extent, this ideology is underlying the Bitcoin community, which is known for its spirit of protest. Structure of the....

August 28, 2019
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Williams Rose
Williams Rose
5 months ago

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