Hacking in the headlines by Imprima

Source CyberRiskNetwork  

Sep 15,2015

1 min read


Episode 2 of The Cynja comic!

Dear Readers, We would like to present you second episode of CynjaSpace. Enjoy! Cynja's website CynjaSpace Twitter @TheCynja    

Sep 03,2015

1 min read


Cross-Site Scripting Attacks, Explained Visually by Barricade!

  Source: Barricade Blog Twitter @barricadeio  

Sep 02,2015

1 min read


First CynjaSpace Comic!

Hi Folks, Today we would like to present you first episode of CynjaSpace comic! Cynja's goal is to engage kids when …

Aug 31,2015

1 min read

Dr. Berker KILIC OfficialNew Edition

Cyber Warfare Methodologies and Case Studies

Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of modern conflict, cyber warfare methodologies have emerged as powerful tools in the arsenals of …

Nov 29,2023

9 min read

Matthew Maynard OfficialNew Edition

Hook, Line and Cyber: Navigating the waters of Phishing

Phishing is a type of social engineering and scam where attackers deceive people into revealing sensitive information or installing malware. …

Nov 22,2023

7 min read

Sylvester Kaczmarek OfficialNew Edition

Space Cyber Hacking

About the Author Sylvester Kaczmarek works on secure, interpretable, and explainable intelligence capabilities and next-generation secure data management for machines. …

Nov 17,2023

18 min read

Carlos Obeid OfficialNew Edition

Overview of Data privacy in the Middle East

It is already a known fact that the risks increase as we become more technology dependent.  During the last decades, …

Nov 09,2023

9 min read

Afshan Naqvi Course

AWS Security Essentials: Building a Resilient Cloud Defense (W74)

"AWS Security Essentials: Building a Resilient Cloud Defense" is a concise course that provides essential knowledge and skills to secure your Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure effectively. Learn key security principles and best practices to safeguard your AWS resources and data against threats and vulnerabilities.

Nov 16,2023

12 min read

Rausson Gouveia Course

Create Your Own Command & Control Tool with Golang (W73)

Enter a short description of the course.

Oct 04,2023

6 min read

Kate Libby Course

Kismet Wireless: Network Monitoring and Analysis (W72)

Welcome to the In-Depth Course on Kismet Wireless! This comprehensive course is designed to provide you with a deep understanding …

Sep 14,2023

9 min read

Youssef Khaoulaj Course

Web Application Penetration Testing (W71)

Enter a short description of the course.

Aug 30,2023

8 min read

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