Solitude - a privacy analysis tool that enables anyone to conduct their own privacy investigations


Solitude is a privacy analysis tool that enables anyone to conduct their own privacy investigations. Whether a curious novice or a more advanced researcher, Solitude makes the process of evaluating user privacy within an app accessible for everyone. Important Note Prior to installing Solitude it should be noted that Solitude should be run on a private network that is trusted. The way that the Solitude web app interface is currently built is under the assumption that users will run the tool on a private trusted network. A note on certificate pinning If you are using Solitude for testing mobile apps (we hope you are!) then it should be clear that if you are using a non jail broken device that you may not be able to capture all HTTP traffic if the application or third party SDKS emeded into the app use certficate pinning. Certificate pinning is a security mechanism that....

August 12, 2021
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