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This bundle contains two amazing issues that will guide and help you kickstart your hacking career. Inside you will find the most effective tools and techniques that may come in handy. You will get a chance to learn everything that’s essential in a hacker's work – from password cracking, through automating, to bypassing endpoint security. Check it out and learn how to become an ethical hacker!

Inside you will find following issues: 

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Hacking Career Jumpstart

This issue was created to give an initial boost to those of you who are just starting their adventure with hacking, it's full of tutorials and case studies - everything on beginner and intermediate level. We hope this issue will help you jumpstart your hacking career, as we believe everybody needs a helpful hand and a reliable source of information. We start off with Hacking Techniques for Beginners - a lengthy and very helpful article covering techniques every hacker must know!



Best Hacking Techniques

This edition is a little bit similar to the Hacking Career Jumpstart issue – inside you’ll find more than the usual ten quality articles about best hacking techniques for beginners and intermediate users. This is a great starting point for those of you who are still studying the basics of hacking. Remember: every building needs a solid foundation! Starting off, we have Basic Bettercap – an introduction to Bettercap, which will help you get to know this tool efficiently. Next, you will learn the secrets of Intercepting Data via iPhone.




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