Open-Source Tools for 2021



Dear readers,

2021 was a good year for open-source tools - many of the good old ones were updated and new useful programs were developed. They are the foundation of an ethical hacker’s work and that’s why we decided to release a free issue dedicated to the most effective open-source hacking tools of this year. To get this edition, all you have to do is register on our website. 

Inside you’ll find 10 articles, each written by the author of the tool. They will guide you through the installation process and usage of each program, with a quick demonstration of its abilities. This is a great starting point for those of you, whose cybersecurity journey has just begun, but it can also be an aid to more advanced hackers - we selected some of the less-known tools, so everyone can learn something new and improve their work routine. 

We would like to send gratitude to the authors, who were willing to share their tools and their knowledge with our readers! We hope this project will bring more spotlight to your work and help you develop more amazing tools. Thank you!

If you like this publication, share it with your friends and do not hesitate to let us know about the feedback, every opinion means a lot to us!

Stay safe and enjoy

Magdalena Jarzębska and Hakin9 Editorial Team

This magazine is free to download, just register as a free user and enjoy your reading!

Table of Contents

Graphwoof - Identifying and Fingerprinting GraphQL Servers

by Dolev Farhi

Mobile Audit

Static Analysis and detecting malware in Android APKs

by Mónica Pastor


by Mohammad Askar


by Alexis Fernández


by Ricardo Loura

Unveiling IPs Behind Cloudflare with Fav-Up

by Francesco Poldi

Open-Source Tools for Cybersecurity in 2021

by Francis Jeremiah

Streamlining the Pentesting Process with Reconmap

by Santiago Lizardo

Fast Google Dorks Scan

by Ivan Glinkin


by Megadose


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