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Dear Readers,

In this open issue of Hakin9 Magazine, we created something special for you! We really wanted to bring you closer to the topic of cybersecurity certificates because we know that many of you have a hard decision to make - which certificate to choose. In this H9 edition, we brought to you 10 cybersecurity professionals: from people with over 20 years of experience to some who started their journey not so long ago. All of them share their cyber-certificates know-how and tell you how long it takes to prepare for each certification, which are more advisable, what is most important in the process of learning, and many more!

Since we know how crucial this topic is, we decided to make it an open issue!

Enjoy this issue’s content and stay safe,

Agata Staszelis and Hakin9 Editorial Team

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Table of Contents

Interview with Gaurang Bhatnagar

Gaurang has a strong passion for security research, tool automation and Android exploit development. He’s currently running penetration testing and red teaming activities, as part of his job.

Interview with Chrissa Constantine

Chrissa is a cybersecurity professional with a strong background in research and writing, cybersecurity, vulnerability assessment, web application testing, and security training.

Interview with Paul Janes

Paul is a cybersecurity professional with over 20 years of experience including zero trust architecture, network security, cloud security, data protection, compliance, cyber risk, and vulnerability management. 

Interview with Goran Udovicic

Goran is a Senior Security Analyst working in a cybersecurity area for over a decade. Lately, he has been working on information security and privacy in the cloud.

Interview with Felipe Martins

Felipe is a Cyber Security Engineer, an information Security Professional with 15 years of experience in Security, Linux/Unix Infrastructure.

Interview with Cezary Kubicki

Cezary is a Cybersecurity Consultant focused on all aspects of blue teaming.

Interview with Samy Mabrouk

Samy is the head of Operational Security and Cyberdefense Center in DOCAPOSTE Group. He is an IT security expert with 17+ years of experience.

Interview with Piotr Dębski

Piotr is an IT security consultant with 5 years of experience, involved in organizing university meetings in the topics of cybersecurity.

Interview with Sarthak Thakur

Sarthak is an ethical hacker and web app penetration tester.

Interview with Chaitanya Y

Chaitanya is a cybersecurity trainer and a beginning penetration tester.


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