Product review: east-tec Eraser


east-tec Eraser  is a program to protect private data left on your computer during work, to clean tracks of using system and other applications and to delete remains after looking through web resources. east-tec Eraser makes sure that there are no tracks left in the system after using Windows. It will clean history of surfing websites, downloaded and saved photos, cookie files, traces of using chat services. It will rub out the data of opened and edited documents, e-mails. Extended list of applications guarantees that there won't be tracks of using any programs left behind on the computer. In addition, the Scheduler lets you precisely select items to be erased and adapt deleting traces to your work time. It can be scheduled, for instance, to start on a daily basis, weekly basis, after logging in or before closing the system.

Compromising activity traces
Get into your internet browser, click on the search bar... What will appear?
And how often do you clean your Recycle Bin? What is inside?
How many unused temporary files, cookies, applications are stored on your system?
How many of your private data are just left on your computer?
You can solve all that with east-tec Eraser.

What is it?
east-tec Eraser is a privacy protection software. Its main objective is to remove unnecessary and sensitive data involved in your privacy.

What does it do?
It deletes your Internet and computer activity tracks and cleans your browsing history, but that's not all; east-tec Eraser removes your computer activity traces: cookies, chat room conversations, DELETED e-mails and files (software cleaning), temporary files, cleans the Recycle Bin, etc...
It also deletes address bar locations. east-tec Eraser also cleans the history and tracks of applications like AOL, Google Talk, iTunes, Winamp, Skype, Microsoft Office, uTorrent, eMule and about 250 other software programs. The result? None of your activity history and private data are left behind – and... your PC works faster as the program removes numerous unnecessary temporary files stored on your PC.

Why should I remove my files?
Perfect for computers used in public places – offices, schools, libraries, Internet cafes... anywhere when you wish not to leave your data behind. It is also useful if you consider selling your computer on second-hand market – make sure your tracks has been completely cleaned before selling.
And who knows what the cookies and temp files are doing in reality? Remember, the first step to cyber security is not to leave sensitive data behind.

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