Phantun - A lightweight and fast UDP to TCP obfuscator


Transforms UDP stream into (fake) TCP streams that can go through Layer 3 & Layer 4 (NAPT) firewalls/NATs. Table of Contents Phantun Latest release Overview Usage 1. Enable Kernel IP forwarding 2. Add required firewall rules Client Using nftables Using iptables Server Using nftables Using iptables 3. Run Phantun binaries as non-root (Optional) 4. Start Phantun daemon Server Client MTU overhead MTU calculation for WireGuard Version compatibility Documentations Performance Future plans Compariation to udp2raw License Latest release v0.3.2 Overview Phantun is a project that obfuscated UDP packets into TCP connections. It aims to achieve maximum performance with minimum processing and encapsulation overhead. It is commonly used in environments where UDP is blocked/throttled but TCP is allowed through. Phantun simply converts a stream of UDP packets into obfuscated TCP stream packets. The TCP stack used by Phantun is designed to pass through most L3/L4 stateful/stateless firewalls/NAT devices. It will not be able to....

April 11, 2022
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