pbtk - A toolset for reverse engineering and fuzzing Protobuf-based apps


pbtk - Reverse engineering Protobuf apps. Protobuf is a serialization format developed by Google and used in an increasing number of Android, web, desktop, and more applications. It consists of a language for declaring data structures, which is then compiled to code or another kind of structure depending on the target implementation. pbtk (Protobuf toolkit) is a full-fledged set of scripts, accessible through a unified GUI, that provides two main features: Extracting Protobuf structures from programs, converting them back into readable .protos, supporting various implementations: All the main Java runtimes (base, Lite, Nano, Micro, J2ME), with full Proguard support, Binaries containing embedded reflection metadata (typically C++, sometimes Java and most other bindings), Web applications using the JsProtoUrl runtime. Editing, replaying and fuzzing data sent to Protobuf network endpoints, through a handy graphical interface that allows you to edit live the fields for a Protobuf message and view the result. Installation PBTK....

July 17, 2020
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