Part 1: Existential Cyber Threats and Risks Of a Destabilized World | by Doug DePeppe


  Doug DePeppe is the Founder of eosEdge Legal, a First-of-Kind cyberlaw and Services pure-play.  Part 1: Existential Cyber Threats and Risks Of a Destabilized World   The cyber landscape presents an existential risk to the West! In labeling the cyber threat existential, my underlying premise must be stated: without structural change, former NSA Director General Alexander’s unsettling quote will prove to be true, revealing a destabilized global environment lacking respect for the rule of law. General Alexander called cybercrime “the greatest transfer of wealth in history”. His warning about cybercrime was a financial warning, on par with his security concerns. The implication?  The global economy, largely generated by Western nations, will disintegrate and societies will fundamentally change as a result. If there’s legitimacy to the risk of global destabilization, brought about through cybercrime that undermines the global competitiveness of developed nations, then the West is faced with an existential....

January 26, 2016
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