Notes form AfricaHackOn: BlackBox Penetration Testing


by ./Chucks Information Risk Consultant, Black Box Penetration Testing Specialist What's Blackbox Penetration Testing? • This requires no information provided and usually takes the approach an uninformed intruder would use, therefore simulating a very realistic scenario Scenarios Penetration Testers would use: • Insider Threat • Government Spying • Covert Evidence Acquiring (Cops) • Fraud • Theft • Social Engineering • Theft • Organized Crime • Espionage • Hacktivism Blackbox Penetration Testing has several types of assessments; common ones: • Social Engineering Assessment • Wireless Security Assessment • RedTeam Assessment • Surveillance and Recovery Assessment • Web Application Security Assessment • Advanced Persistence Threat Assessment • External Security Assessment • Covert Data Acquisition Assessment • Database Security Assessment • Social Media and Online Security Assessment Wireless Security Assessment • Testing wireless infrastructure • Ensuring its hardened against unauthorized access • Use other forms of Assessment e.g Red Team, SE etc....

March 25, 2014
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