New Policy


Dear Readers,

as you know, it has been difficult time for us since we've published the famous "D-word" article. We spent many hours on talking about the problem. We have changed a lot and we would like you to notice it. Despite apologies, we have decided to take other measures as well. Therefore, we have come up with a great solution: proxy block. As a result, our employees will not be permitted to access those websites and contact people who administrate them. In short: we cannot access websites like from our office.  As a proof, take a look at the screen below.



If you do not want to receive any emails from us, write at [email protected]g and I will add your website to the ones blocked.

Also, I would like to thank Robin Wood for discussing the problem with me and for his help.

Ewa Duranc

March 15, 2013
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