New Playground and Cheatsheet for Learning Python

August 31, 2018

I'm learning Python and I decided to create a repository where I could put Python script samples with standard Python syntax, structures and statements examples just to be able to quickly recap how to use this or that feature of the language.

Here is what I've got.

This is a collection of Python scripts that are split by topics and contain code examples with explanations, different use cases and links to further readings.

It is a playground because you may change or add the code to see how it works and test it out using assertions. It also allows you to lint the code you've wrote and check if it fits to Python code style guide. Altogether it might make your learning process to be more interactive and it might help you to keep code quality pretty high from very beginning.

It is a cheatsheet because you may get back to these code examples once you want to recap the syntax of standard Python statements and constructions. Also because the code is full of assertions you'll be able to see expected functions/statements output right away without launching them.

How to Use The Repo

Each Python script in the repository has the following structure:

"""Lists <--- Name of the topic here # @see: <-- Link to further readings goes here Here might go more detailed explanation....

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Wallace Oliveira
Wallace Oliveira
5 years ago

The info is very well organised, I was going to start a college project and wanted to try Python out. You released this just in time :P

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