How to protect yourself on the deep web: Tools, evaluation, legality and expectations


This article will provide a comprehensive view in relation to using the deep web. Introduction The deep web can be an unsafe place and navigating it without the proper tools could get you in trouble. Data breaches, file corruptions, hacks, government surveillance or identity and monetary theft are all possibilities to watch out for. Likewise, the legality of the deep web is tied to the expectations that surround it, which are a risk in themselves if not properly managed. Here are some methods, programs and information to properly navigate the deep web: 1. Disabling JavaScript on Tor: Although not all websites will work when JavaScript is disabled, it is more safe, as leaving JavaScript on might make it easier for hackers to get gaps in your security to attack through. 2. Tails: Tails is a very useful tool to use Tor through. By opening Tor on Tails, you ensure that....

September 6, 2023
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