Hashcat: A Beginner's Guide

Apr 18, 2023


This is intended to be used solely for ethical purposes. Please make sure you don't try the below-discussed methods on a live machine without any authorization. At the very end of this article, I've included an URL (TryHackMe) to a practice lab. You are more than welcome to play around in that practice room.

Before we get our hands dirty with password cracking, we have to know how to identify a password hash. There are tens of thousands of hashing techniques with which a password can be hashed. So, it is almost impossible to detect a password hash manually. It is recommended to automate this stuff. Do not worry though, there are a number of tools which can make your life easier in determining a hash type.

What is Password Hashing anyway?

Hashing is a process of converting data of arbitrary size into a fixed-size output, using a mathematical function. In the context of password security, hashing is used to protect user passwords by converting them into a hashed value before storing them in a database. This makes it much harder for the attackers to retrieve the original password if the database is compromised. And to add on that, hashing is an irreversible process (one-way process).

Types of Password Attacks

There are....

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