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250x250banneradboxMafia Security promotes the academic and professional work of students and alumni to turn their research, tutorials, guides, and papers into more than just a letter grade. Authors are a part of a contributing group, which allows them to expand their Internet identity, exposure, reputation, and portfolio.

Mafia Security is not a news source for hacking, information security, networking, and server administration. Mafia Security strives for the best professional and academic research and peer review material.

Topics they are interested in include:

Access Controls - Access control refers to exerting control over who can interact with a resource. Often but not always, this involves an authority, who does the controlling. The resource can be a given building, group of buildings, or computer-based information system.

Cryptography - Cryptography is the practice and study of techniques for secure communication in the presence of third parties.

Digital Forensics - Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime.

Disaster Recovery - Disaster recovery (DR) is the process, policies and procedures that are related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure, which are vital to an organization after a natural or human-induced disaster. Disaster recovery is a subset of business continuity. While business continuity involves planning for keeping all aspects of a business functioning in the midst of disruptive events, disaster recovery focuses on the IT or technology systems that support business functions.

Governance - IT governance primarily deals with connections between business focus and IT management. The goal of clear governance is to assure the investment in IT generate business value and mitigate the risks that are associated with IT projects.

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Networking - A computer network, or simply a network, is a collection of computers and other hardware interconnected by communication channels that allow sharing of resources and information. Where at least one process in one device is able to send/receive data to/from at least one process residing in a remote device, then the two devices are said to be in a network.

Operational Security - Operations security (OPSEC) is a process that identifies critical information to determine if friendly actions can be observed by adversary intelligence systems, determines if information obtained by adversaries could be interpreted to be useful to them, and then executes selected measures that eliminate or reduce adversary exploitation of friendly critical information.

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Software Assurance - Software assurance (SwA) is defined as “the level of confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities, either intentionally designed into the software or accidentally inserted at any time during its lifecycle, and that the software functions in the intended manner.” The main objective of software assurance is to ensure that the processes, procedures, and products used to produce and sustain the software conform to all requirements and standards specified to govern those processes, procedures, and products.

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