Hacking Social Media. Threats & Vulnerabilities- " Threats & Anti-threats Strategies for Social Networking Websites"

September 2, 2014

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Below we present you the beta version of article “Threats & Anti-threats Strategies for Social Networking Websites” by Amir Roknifard. You will also find this article in Hakin9s’ issue devoted to :Starter Kit- Hacking Social Media. Threats & Vulnerabilities" that you can already pre-order

"Threats & Anti-threats Strategies for Social Networking Websites"
Author:Amir Roknifard

Social networking websites are not only to communicate or interact with other people globally, but also one effective way for business promotion. Relevance of the study due to the fact that with increased number of users of social networks, the number of attacks carried out by hackers to steal personal information and use of your user account in order to send unauthorized messages called spam is also raised. To address these security issues, network and security managers often turn to network policy management services such as firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), antivirus, and Data Loss Prevention systems (DLP).

What we will learn
In this paper, we study the cyber threats in social websites, classify their types, discuss the cyber threats and suggest the anti-threats strategies and visualize the future trends of such hoppy popular websites.



Online Social Networks (OSN) such as Facebook, Tweeter, MySpace etc. play an important role in our society, which is heavily influenced by the Information Technology (IT). In spite of their user friendly and free of cost services, many people still remain reluctant to use such networking sites because of privacy concerns. Many people claim,....

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