faxhell - A Bind Shell Using the Fax Service and a DLL Hijack

Jul 7, 2020

A Proof-of-Concept bind shell using the Fax service and a DLL hijack based on Ualapi.dll.

See our writeup at: https://windows-internals.com/faxing-your-way-to-system/

Obligatory Demo

How to use

  • Build Ualapi.dll and place in c:\windows\system32
  • Start the Fax service, which will load the DLL and call the export UalStart. UalStart will queue a thread pool work item that will open a handle to RpcSs, find a SYSTEM token, and then impersonate it. Afterward, it will create a socket on the local endpoint address, bind it to port 9299, and then asynchronously wait for a connection using a thread pool I/O completion port.
  • Connect to the socket on port 9299 using your favorite client (such nc(at).exe <ip> 9299) and then type let me in and press ENTER. If you're writing custom code, make sure to send the string let me in\n.
  • The I/O completion packet will then wake up the thread pool callback, which will start a Cmd.exe process under the DcomLaunch service with SYSTEM privileges, binding its input and output handles to the newly created socket.
  • Win!

EDR / AV evasion

  • Uses a service that is not commonly known and not monitored or flagged as suspicious by EDR vendors.

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