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The world technological progress causes changes in the form and ways of data transmission and
storing. The importance of digital data carriers, which are capable of collecting great amounts of
information in one place, is increasing. However, apart from many advantages of the common
life digitization, some dangers, which have to be counteracted, arise. To ensure data security it is
necessary to fulfill the ISO 27001 standard requirements.

Taking into account the requirements and the difficulties connected with their verification up till
now it was necessary to employ qualified auditors. However, thanks to innovational IT methods
implementation a new service was created to offer the businessmen conducting a data safety
audit in a simple and fast way using the Internet. This e-service, called eAudit is an international
innovation, it allows to reduce the price of an data security audit, which in the traditional form costs
even a dozen times more than with the use of the new system. The project advantages were also
noticed by international institutions, including the European Union, which decided to subsidize it
from the European Regional Development Fund. Its simplicity, price, reliability and innovativeness
are the characteristics that encourage to use the eAudit platform.

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May 22, 2013
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