DVS - D(COM) V(ulnerability) S(canner) AKA Devious swiss army knife


Did you ever wonder how you can move laterally through internal networks? or interact with remote machines without alerting EDRs? Let's assume that we have valid credentials or an active session with access to a remote machine, but we are without an option for executing a process remotely in a known, expected, or a highly-monitored method (i.e. WMI, Task Scheduler, WinRM, PowerShell Remoting). For these scenarios, the DVS framework comes to the rescue. https://github.com/ScorpionesLabs/DVS The DVS framework is a swiss army knife that allows you to enumerate vulnerable functions of remote DCOM objects, launch them and even launch attacks using them. The framework is being developed with a "Red Team" mindset and uses stealth methods to compromise remote machines. The DVS framework contains various ways to bypass remote hardening against DCOM by re-enabling DCOM access remotely and automatically grant the required permissions to the attacking user. The framework can also....

October 13, 2020
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