Download FileWEB_APP_SECURITY_Hakin9_07_20111.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Latest News From the IT Security World By Armando Romeo, eLearnSecurity and ID Theft Protect Mummies still walk among us!  By Ali Al-Shemery Imagine all the great sources of information on the Internet today such as: news groups, blogs, websites and forums, and you still see networks, and websites being hacked and torn down using old hacking techniques. For God sake, isn’t that a walking mummy? The author in amusing way describes why it is so important to keep the knowledge updated and why attacking new system with old techniques still works. Read the true, didactic and full of sense of humor story. Firestarter: Starter toyour Firewall By Mervyn Heng The firewall is the first line of defense on the network perimeter and end points. Firewalls are the gatekeepers to facilitate the flow of necessary traffic to and from assets. The....

April 19, 2022
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