THE BEST OF HAKIN9 – 48 ARTICLES 2012 – 2014


Dear Readers,

We are glad to present our first THE BEST OF HAKIN9 in 2014. This time we wanted to sum up last 3 years of our work and thus, we prepared a special collection of 48 top Hakin9 articles. Inside you will find more than 400 pages of “how-to” and step-by-step” tutorials that will surely contribute to your development as a professional pentester, exploiter or ethical hacker. We hope that this pack will shed some light on the direction our publication took after it underwent major changes such as switching to electronical version (.pdf and .epub formats) or focusing mostly on exploiting and hacking techniques and tools. This compendium is also a fine introduction to even greater changes in our magazine as it shows You, our Reader, the topics that are most burning and eagerly read by Hakin9’s audience. We decided to stress the need to meet your high expectations and, in the forthcoming publications, supply You with recurring issues of the topics as Exploiting Software, Reverse Engineering, Pentesting, Offensive Programming, Network Cracking. We hope You find these changes proper and satisfactory. We strongly encourage all of You to send us many messages about your needs and expectations as this publication is devoted to You and would not exist without its Readers. Please remember that we are always open to Your ideas and it is You, who decide on the following topic of Hakin9. Feel free to share your views and comment on our recent and future work by sending us a message to [email protected] with COMMENTS in the subject. We respond to all your inquiries.Hakin9_EN_TBO_01_2014-1

Table of Contents

Using Amazon AMI for Cracking the WPA2 WiFi Hack

by Bruno Rodrigues

VoIP Hacking Techniques

by Mirko Raimondi

A Crash Course in Pentesting with Backtrack

by Nick Hensley

Using Hydra To Crack The Door Open

by Nikolaos Mitropoulos

NMAP and Metasploit for MS-SQL Auditing

by Jose Ruiz

Nmap: a “Hacker Tool” for Security Professionals

by Justin Hutchens

How To Reverse Engineer .NET files

by Jaromir Horejsi

Digital Forensics on the Apple OSX Platform

by David Lister

Passwords Cracking: Theory and Practice

by Theodosis Mourouzis

How to Use OpenVAS (Vulnerability Assessment System)

by Willie Pritchett

How Do I phish? Advanced Email Phishing Tactics

by Brandon McCann

How to Brute-force Drupal6 Login Pages

by Kevin Simons

How to Conduct VPN Pivoting

by Ayman Hammoudeh

Cracking WPA/WPA2 Key Using Reavar

by Badrish Dubey

How to use Socat and Wireshark for Practical SSL Protocol Reverse Engineering

by Shane R. Spencer

How to Identify and Bypass Anti-reversing Techniques

by Eoin Ward

Capturing WiFi traffic with Wireshark

by Steve Williams


by Jörg Kalsbach

Tracing ContikiOs Based IoT communications over Cooja simulations with Wireshark Using Wireshark with Cooja simulator

by Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Rogelio Martinez-Perez

Digital Security and Risk Analysis Side Channel Attack with Brain Leading to Data and ID Theft

by Massimiliano Sembiante

Raspberry Pi Hacking Loving Your Pi and Hacking it Too…

by Jeremiah Brott

Bluetooth Hacking Tools

by Dennis Browning

Create a Basic Web Application Scan Policy

by Johan Loos

Create a Basic Scan Policy in Nessus 5

by Johan Loos

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

by Badrish Dubey

Implementing Rsylog to Forward log Messages on an IP Network

by Lara Sanz

Weak Wi-Fi Security, Evil Hotspots and Pentesting with Android

by Daniel Dieterle

Pentesting with BackTrack Distribution

by Jan Hrach, Miroslav Ludvik, Michal Srnec

Use Metasploit in Backtrack 5

by Johan Loos

Using REMnux to Analyze PE Files

by Glenn P. Edwards Jr

Recovering Passwords and Encrypted Data Remotely in Plain Text

by Daniel Dieterle

Trojan-izing USB Sticks

by Gerasimos Kassaras

Deceiving Networks Defenses with Nmap Camouflaged Scanning

by Roberto Saia

Cross Site Request Forgery – Session Riding

by Miroslav Ludvik and Michal Srnec

Data Logging with Syslog A Troubleshooting and Auditing Mechanism

by Abdy Martinez

Caffe Latte Attack

by David Jardin

Reverse Engineering C++, a Case Study with the Win32/Kelihos Malware Family

by Benjamin Vanheuverzwijn, Pierre-Marc Bureau

Cyber Warfare Network Attacks

by Daniel Dieterle

Understanding Conditionals in Shellcode

by Craig Wright

Creating a Fake Wi-Fi Hotspot to Capture Connected Users Information

by Roberto Saia

Accurate Time Synchronization with NTP Hardening your Cisco IOS Device

by Abdy Martinez

DNS Cache Poisoning

by Jesus Rivero

Beyond Automated Tools and Frameworks: the ShellCode Injection Process

by Craig Wright

Tabnapping Attack Hijacking Browser Tabs

by Abdy Martinez

Using the Social Engineering Toolkit to Test Network Security

by Daniel Dieterle

Starting to Write Your Own Linux Shellcode

by Craig Wright

How to Recover Passwords from a Memory Dump

by Daniel Dieterle

Tag: You’re Infected! QR Codes as Attack Vectors

by Tim Klup

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April 19, 2022
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9 years ago

Awesome! Thanks for the great gift of knowledge!

9 years ago


John Fatt
9 years ago

Ho Ho Ho. Thanks for this great Christmas gift! :)

9 years ago

I cannot download neither epub nor full archive – download lasts only up to 99% or even less and then fails.

9 years ago
Reply to  lexx13

Same problem here, get up to between 80 to 99% but fails every single time up and until now. I’ve tried several browsers and at least 15 attempts.

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