Security in the Age of AI - Preview


Dear Readers,

(honoring the theme of this issue we collaborated with ChatGPT on this first paragraph)

"In today's world, AI has become an omnipresent force. From virtual assistants to personalized healthcare solutions and autonomous vehicles, its integration is all-encompassing. In this issue, we explore the implications of Artificial Intelligence pervasiveness and the security challenges it brings. Join us as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of 'Security in the Age of AI.' "

The future is truly bright and it's coming upon us faster than we could imagine. Protecting oneself is a human right, and we're very passionate about this and honored that we can collaborate with such informed experts.

In this issue, we're approaching security from different perspectives. You will find articles on insider threats as well as protecting your privacy online. D4RKR4BB1T, the author of our Hakin9 Crime Corner, agreed to give us an exclusive and uncensored (despite the risks!) interview about his work in the cyber investigation industry. We're also excited to publish a three-text compendium about zero trust security's history, architecture, and development. André Ricardo, a cybersecurity specialist from VIVO composed his list of essential tips on getting into the offensive security industry. After that, you can delve into the fascinating topic of how artificial intelligence tools affect modern marketing, by content marketing consultant Kuba Czubajewski.

We're very proud of this issue and hope it will be the start of important conversations and ideas. Delve in!
Wiktoria Bukowska and the Hakin9 Editorial Team


July 31, 2023
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