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The BYOD Mobile Security Spectrum: A Taxonomy

By Winn Schwartau
“To BYOD or not to BYOD?” is the question that just about every private, government and military organization is asking itself today about the consumerization of IT by mobile devices of myriad flavors.

Location Dependent Attacks on Mobile Services
by Nitin Goplani
These days many advertising companies, mobile operators are using Location Based Services to provide more facilities to user and better users’ experience. No Doubt, there are several benefits of this service, but its also possible that others might track your movements.

How to Elevate to Domain Admin the Easy Way!

by Umair Vayani
Using Metasploit’s Incognito extension we will look at one of the easiest ways of getting Domain Admin within minutes. A post exploitation method everyone should know and enjoy.

Low Tech Hacking

by Navneet Sharma
Internet is being attacked from several decades; thus it becomes inevitable to secure data. New techniques and methods are being developed and implemented to provide security to the data.

Security in Wireless Sensor Networks – Major Attacks, Encryption Algorithms and Security Protocols
by Deivison Pinheiro Franco
It is an approach to safely analyze Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Displays components, concepts and operational aspects of enhancing the security of WSNs.

Approaches for Computer Forensics in Virtualized Environments. Live and Dead Analysis Techniques.

By Deivison Pinheiro Franco
This is a study about Computer Forensic Analysis of Virtualized Environments. Gives an insight into virtualized environments and their implications in forensic computing, showing its components, concepts and aspects of security.

Forensics on Smartphones – A Technique for Apprehension, Acquisition, Examination and Analysis of Evidences in Android Operating Systems
By Deivison Pinheiro Franco
The reader will learn from this article about a technique and procedures for forensic analysis of smarphone with Android operating system.

Web Application Level Approach Against the HTTP Flood Attacks IOSEC HTTP Anti Flood/DoS Security Gateway Module

by Gökhan Muharremoğlu
While HTTP Flood and DoS attacks are spreading nowadays, there is a new attack surface reduction approach against these attacks: “Web Application Level Approach against the HTTP Flood Attacks”. If it is used properly, it can save the day.

How to Set Up Apache Web Server with Secure Configuration
by Davor Guttierrez
Security of web servers is major topic in security world. When talking about security, we can talk about two topics: security of web server like Apache or security of web application.

Web Servers Analysis under DoS Attacks
by MSc. Predrag TaSevSki
Examination, determination and ability of both most common and latest stable web servers under
DoS attacks, Apache and Nginx. You will learn how to perform examination of DoS attacks on different web servers with lightweight Scriptkiddie script.

Interview with the Patron of Hakin9 10/2012 – Aatif Khan

Developers’ Challenge Results – ESC India 2012
By Jason Masters, Global Product Manager
Tool Time: jhead
By Mervyn Heng


April 19, 2022
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