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WiFi Combat Zone: Wireshark versus the Neighbors
By Bob Bosen
If you’re one of the regular readers of Hakin9, then you know that there are several means by which your neighbors could have penetrated your WiFi LAN. Do you ever wonder if it’s already happened? Would you like to learn how to monitor anybody that’s abusing your network? Then take a look at “WiFi Combat Zone: Wireshark versus the neighbors”, where we will take a deep look at the well-known, free “Wireshark” Ethernet diagnostic software, concentrating on its use while monitoring the activities of uninvited guests on our networks.

Using Wireshark to Analyze a Wireless Protocol
By Hai Li
Wireshark is the perfect platform to troubleshoot wireless networks. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to support a new wireless protocol in Wireshark. A wireless protocol in the real world is very complicated, so I will use ASN.1 technology to generate the source code of a dissector. Some advanced topics, such as export information, tap listeners, and so on, will be briefly introduced.

Capturing WiFi Traffic with Wireshark
By Steve Williams
For many years, Wireshark has been used to capture and decode data packets on wired networks. Wireshark can also capture IEEE 802.11 wireless traffic while running on a variety of operating systems. This article describes how Wireshark is used to capture / decode 802.11 traffic and its configuration specifics based on the operating system you are running. It covers three popular OS: MS-Windows, Linux and OS X. It also covers two ways to indirectly collect 802.11 traffic and then analyze it with Wireshark.

Decoding and Decrypting Network Packets with Wireshark
By Andrei Emeltchenko
The main idea is that well known Bluetooth protocols, profiles and security mechanisms to be used with secondary radio are already present in many devices. Given that secondary radio is usually significantly faster we achieve faster data transfer while keeping existing API.

Wireshark – hacking WiFi tool
By MI1
When placed properly, Wireshark can be a great help for network administrator when it comes to network troubleshooting, such as latency issues, routing errors, buffer overflows, virus and malware infections analysis, slow network applications, broadcast and multicast storms, DNS resolution problems, interface mismatch, or security incidents.


Attempting to Solve the “Attribution Problem” – Using Wireshark and Other Tools to as an Aid in Cyberwarfare and Cybercrime for Analyzing the Nature and Characteristics of a Tactical or Strategic Offensive Cyberweapon and Hacking Attacks
By William Favre Slater III
One of the main disadvantages of the hyper-connected world of the 21st century is the very real danger that countries, organizations, and people who use networks computer resources connected to the Internet face because they are at risk of cyberattacks that could result in anything ranging from denial service, to espionage, theft of confidential data, destruction of data, and/or destruction of systems and services.

Wireshark – LUA
By Jörg Kalsbach
This article explores an extension mechanisms offered by Wireshark. After a brief description of Wireshark itself, it shows how Wireshark can be extended using Lua as an embedded language. It shows the benefits to be gained from using the combination of Wireshark and Lua. Next, the article explores a way to extend Lua with C code. It shows how Lua can be leveraged by using functions implemented in plain C.

Tracing ContikiOs based IoT Communications over Cooja Simulations with Wireshark
By Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Rogelio Martinez-Perez
Internet of Things is getting real. Billions of devices interconnected between each other retrieving data and sharing information using wireless communication protocols everywhere. We present an introduction about how to start developing radio communication applications for Contiki OS, one of the most widespread IoT operating systems and how to use Cooja simulator together with Wireshark.


April 19, 2022
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