Programming for Hackers - Preview


Download FileProgramming for Hackers - Preview.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Dear readers, Today's issue of Hakin9 is dedicated to programming. There is an ongoing question whether programming skills are essential to being a good hacker. Most agree that knowing how to code is necessary, although not obligatory to become a hacker, as it will definitely help you understand some techniques and processes. If you know how to code, you will be able to dissect code and analyze it, and to write your own scripts or your own hacking tools. We decided to  focus mostly on Python. Why? Because Python is an extremely powerful language and it easy to learn at the same time. With Python you can achieve your results with minimal coding, and it does not need to be compiled.  I strongly recommend reading Python for hackers: Extract gold from systems by Adrian Rodriguez Garcia....

August 20, 2021


Hakin9 TEAM
Hakin9 is a monthly magazine dedicated to hacking and cybersecurity. In every edition, we try to focus on different approaches to show various techniques - defensive and offensive. This knowledge will help you understand how most popular attacks are performed and how to protect your data from them. Our tutorials, case studies and online courses will prepare you for the upcoming, potential threats in the cyber security world. We collaborate with many individuals and universities and public institutions, but also with companies such as Xento Systems, CATO Networks, EY, CIPHER Intelligence LAB, redBorder, TSG, and others.
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