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Malware: From Basic Cleaning to Analysing 3/2012

Malware discovery and protection
Khaled Mahmoud Abd El Kader
Very often people call everything that corrupts their system a virus, not aware of what viruses mean or do. This paper systematically gives an introduction to different varieties of beasts that come under the wide umbrella called malware, their distinguishing features, prerequisites for malware analysis and an overview of malware analysis process.

Basic Malware Cleaning
Bart Parys
Malware is common nowadays. Each day, machines get infected with viruses, spyware, Trojans, keyloggers, rogueware, ransomware, rootkits. The list continues with more advanced malware like Conficker, Duqu, Stuxnet, Flame. The malware scenario on itself has also drastically changed. Where in the past, malware was created for showing off your skills or gaining your 15 minutes of fame (remember LoveLetter?), it is now almost solely used for the purpose of making money.

Malware analysis with Cuckoo Sandbox
Michael Boman
According to Wikipedia: a honeypot is a trap set to detect, deflect, or in some manner counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems. Generally it consists of a computer, data, or a network site that appears to be part of a network, but is actually isolated and monitored, and which seems to contain information or a resource of value to attackers.

Malware Analysis
Monnapaa K A
When your company is attacked by malware you need to respond quickly to remediate the malware infection and prevent future ones from occurring. You also need to determine the indicators of malware to establish better security controls.

KeyLoggers: Approaches and countermeasures
Kunal Narsinghani
A description of approaches used to perform keystroke logging as well as tools used for countering the threat and their uses. For our analysis, we would be using Metasploit modules within the Back Track (BT) distro. Other operating systems or Linux distros could be used as well. Methods to counter keystroke logging are also discussed.

Untold Story about Keylogger
Harsh Jadia
It’s all about a malware (Keylogger), which is used for tracking user’s activities & confidential information and supply it to the cyber criminals for illegal activities. And we will learn here the working of keylogger for better defense against them.


August 28, 2014

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