DARK WEB Vol. 2 A Threat to Corporate Cybersecurity Preview


Dear Readers,

In the intricate tapestry of our digital era, the dark web looms as an enigmatic nexus of shadowy dealings and cyber threats—a subject both fascinating and formidable, with its tendrils silently entwined around the heart of our corporate world. This issue, "DARK WEB Vol. 2 A Threat to Corporate Cybersecurity," is a bold expedition into this obscured frontier, crucial for anyone vested in the security of corporate digital space. 

Our discourse may traverse through shadows, but our aim is to illuminate and inspire. As you turn these pages, may you gain the insight to better navigate the murky waters of cyber threats and the wisdom to protect your corporate citadel in this ceaseless battle of bytes and breaches.

Welcome to a journey of understanding the unseen, a clarion call for action in the face of the concealed chaos of the dark web. 

Together, let's shine a light on the dark.

Helena Piorun and the Hakin9 Editorial Team


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Table of contents

The Dark Web

Alameen Karim Merali

Securing virtual environments is crucial because of the inherent risks in such systems. Adhering to best practices for virtualization security is essential, as it helps prevent breaches. Learning from past incidents through case studies can guide the development of more robust defenses against threats to virtual infrastructure.

How hackers attack big corporations

Ross More

Cyber-attacks on large corporations are on the rise, posing significant risks to global business operations. This text explores the nature of these threats through case studies of major hacks, revealing the sophisticated methods and tools used by cybercriminals. It examines how social engineering plays a key role in these attacks by exploiting human vulnerabilities. The discussion concludes by emphasizing the importance of strong countermeasures, including advanced security systems and staff training, to protect against these digital dangers.

Dark Web Marketplaces: Where Stolen Data Finds Its Buyers

Pranshu Ranakoti

The dark web is home to hidden marketplaces where stolen data is commonly traded. This data includes everything from passwords to financial information. Transactions are conducted using cryptocurrencies, which makes them anonymous and difficult to trace. Law enforcement faces tough challenges in shutting down these marketplaces due to their encrypted and secretive nature. To protect their data from ending up on the dark web, companies need to implement strong security measures like encryption and regular system checks.

Protecting Your Corporate Fortress: Strategies to Thwart Dark Web Threats

Pranshu Ranakoti

The dark web is a significant source of corporate security threats, offering a hidden platform for targeting businesses. Corporations need to monitor the dark web for potential threats and adopt strong cybersecurity practices to mitigate these risks. Training employees to recognize and avoid cyber threats is also critical. Additionally, investing in technologies and services that specialize in dark web defense can greatly enhance a company's security posture.

Where Do Ransomware Gangs Reside in the Dark Web?

Martin Anzaldo

The dark web fuels ransomware operations by offering a space where attackers can coordinate their efforts. Notorious ransomware gangs operate within this shadowy realm, perfecting their attack methods. A ransomware attack's life cycle—from planning to execution—often unfolds here. To defend against these threats, organizations can take several steps: backing up data regularly, educating employees on cyber threats, updating software consistently, and conducting security audits to fortify their defenses against the dark web's ransomware attacks.

Unveiling the Underworld: How Companies are Targeted on the Dark Web

Pranshu Ranakoti

Dark web users often target companies by trading information about corporate vulnerabilities in online forums. By planning their attacks in these hidden areas, they exploit weaknesses in business security systems. Companies can counter these threats by using dark web intelligence to strengthen their defenses, patch vulnerabilities, and enhance monitoring to prevent attacks.


Mariana Gouveia

DDoS attacks present a serious threat to corporations, with significant impacts on their operations. These attacks are increasingly being facilitated through services offered on the dark web, making them more accessible to malicious actors. Understanding the anatomy of a DDoS attack orchestrated via the dark web is crucial for companies. To defend against these attacks, corporations must implement robust defense strategies, which often involve DDoS mitigation services that play a vital role in protecting corporate infrastructure.

Virtualization Security Recommendations: Safeguarding Data and Applications

Alex Tray

Securing virtual environments is crucial because of the inherent risks in such systems. Adhering to best practices for virtualization security is essential, as it helps prevent breaches. Learning from past incidents through case studies can guide the development of more robust defenses against threats to virtual infrastructure.

Overview of Data privacy in the Middle East

Carlos Obeid

"Over the past ten years, the technology industry in the Middle East has experienced significant expansion. Nations such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have led the way in technological progress. The growth has been fuelled by investments in digital infrastructure, smart cities, and innovation hubs. However, with technological progression comes increasing worries about data privacy and cybersecurity."

Q&A with Kate Libby – Kismet Course

Kate Libby and Hakin9

An interview with our Kismet Course instructor, who will tell you all the details why YOU should join it!


November 14, 2023
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