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Inside this issue you will find articles on anti-spam, email filtering and archiving. You will also get familiar with Roaring Penguin’s producs, sources of company creation and its founder itself.


March of the Roaring Penguin
By Sophia Li
Founded about a dozen years ago as a consulting firm in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Roaring Penguin Software, Inc. now develops and markets several products, primarily the CanIt family of anti-spam packages for small to enterprise environments. Although the company in its current form has existed since 2002, its origins go back a little further and begin with the story of the company’s founder and president, David F. Skoll.

Interview With David F. Skoll
By Aby Rao & Hakin9 Team
David F. Skoll has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Masters of Engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He has been a professional software developer since 1990and founded Roaring Penguin in 1999. Recently, Hakin9 asked him about his company, product development and emerging technologies in anti-spam. Read it, and maybe you will find the answers you were looking for…

Fail Mail: How to Read a Bounce Message
By David F. Skoll
Sending email can fail for a number of reasons (for example, you could have mis-spelled the recipient’saddress, or the recipient’s mail box could be full). In theory, the computer that detects the failure sends you back a helpful notification explaining what went wrong. In practice, you do get back a notification – but not a very helpful one. In this article, the author will explain how to decode the dreaded Delivery Status Notification (DSN) also known as Delivery Failure Message.

Email Archiving and Continuity
By David F. Skoll
When selecting an email archiver, the system administrator is wise to consider all of the issues discussed in this text. A simple tool to dump masses of email into a file system may not meet the organization’s needs. Choosing adependable, easily-accessible and searchable archiving system requires more care. Read this article and find out why email archiving is becoming more important for companies and what what the requirements are for best archiving practices.

Review of CanIt Archiver
By Jim Halfpenny
Email is a vital tool for any modern business. The explosive growth in email volume means ensuring service levels and regulatory compliance can be a challenge. With many public and private sector organizations mandated to retain copies of both internal and external email correspondence the burden of managing email increases. CanIt Archiver from Roaring Penguin, a Canadian anti-spam and email filtering company offers a solution. CanIt Archiver comes in two flavours: a software appliace suited for on-premise solutions and hosted managed service. This Hakin9 expert has been looking at the latest release (version 8.0.7 at the time of writing) of their Hosted Archiver managed service. Read this review to find out more.

Review of Hosted CanIt
By Itzik Kotler
Internet spam is one of the hardest forms of malicious content to stop. Spam comes in various formats, the most common of which is email spam. This Hakin9 expert installed and evaluated Roaring Penguin’s Hosted CanIt, a completely outsourced hosted spam filtering service. Read his opinion about it. Maybe this is something you need?


July 2, 2015

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