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A thin database access abstraction layer for ADO.NET on .NET / Mono
By Moreno Airoldi
Later, Microsoft released a successor to ODBC: OLE DB. This new technology was object oriented, based on COM – component object model, and aimed to improve its predecessor in terms of performance, providing a way to write drivers which were less abstracted and closer to the database server’s APIs, and more open to non-relational database systems. Although it was widely used, mainly because Microsoft made it the standard way to access their database system SQL Server, it never became as popular as ODBC. One of the main factors that prevented OLE DB to be adopted was the fact it is available on Windows only. Being based on COM, a Windows-only technology, it would be hard, if not impossible to port it to other operating systems.
Creating a Successful BYOD Security Blueprint
By Robert Keeler
A new wave of digital devices are becoming the employee data access tools of choice. Tablets and smart phones have greatly enhanced efficiency, increased mobility, and have augmented productivity in the professional and personal lives of the employees who use them. The benefits are fueling a race to enable these personally owned digital devices in the enterprise environment. But are these devices safe for the companies that allow them?
E-mail Spam Filtering and Natural Language Processing
By Yufan Guo

NLP is an interdisciplinary field that aims to automatically analyze, understand and generate human (natural) languages. This article is a brief introduction of how to apply NLP techniques to spam filtering. It discusses spam filtering from the perspective of natural language processing (NLP). The author explains the features (e.g. binary features, TF-IDF, domain-specific features) and the machine learning models (e.g. RIPPER, Naïve Bayes Classifier, SVM) that are commonly used for this task, along with their performance on different data sets. She also discusses the challenges of personalized spam filtering and the possible solutions (co-training).

There’s Nothing But Data Out There
By Craig S Wright

In all of this, we have a society that is reliant on systems and data. Here, we see a new need to be even more vigilant than we have been in the past. When food systems are based on SCADA style controls, there is far less room for allowing rouge access to the databases and systems that run the controls that enable this future? Security has always been important, but as a future career, it is one that is not going to disappear. We may see automated systems replace even skilled jobs (such as a pilot), but it will be a long time before we start to have secure systems that do not involve people.

Hard Disk Diagnostics: Opportunities and Solutions
By Dmitry Postrigan
It is not a secret that every data recovery specialist must perform a full diagnosis of a hard disk drive to find the problem or the disk state in general as the very first step in all data recovery cases. Only accuracy and competent approach can guarantee the extraction the maximum amount of a data to avoid further damage to the hard drive. Have you ever considered what it takes to find the exact state of the customer’s drive?


April 21, 2022
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