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Download File1413444640wpdm_Hakin9_EN_06_2014.pdf1413444646wpdm_Hakin9_EN_06_2014.epub Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Armitage – Fast and Easy Hacking Kunal Vohra, Director & Founder H2K Cyber Experts and CreativeTabs Armitage is a GUI for Metasploit, which makes penetration testing easier. It was developed by Raphael Mudge. This tool helps reduce the time and it also provides a good understanding of Metasploit to various security professionals. In this tutorial, Kunal presents all about Armitage, Key Logging, Privilege Escalation, Brute forcing Passwords and the Automated Exploitation process.   C++ Code Reviews Amit Kumar Sharma (AKS-44) C++ has been an efficient programming language in the past years. Its area of coverage was in systems software, embedded software, device drivers, compilers, server applications and, most significantly, game programming. It is capable of accessing memory makes it one of the most unsafe languages as well. However, This introduces different kinds of security bugs as well. This article discusses how....

April 19, 2022
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1 year ago

Why does the download button display “You are not allowed to download.”

Hakin9 TEAM
1 year ago

Hi there,

This edition is from the premium section that is only available for subscribers. If you are a free user you should go to this link https://hakin9.org/free-magazines/

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