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Real-Life Experiences with Next-Generation FirewallBy Pauli Laine
The traditional way of doing network administration and network security has been promoted for over ten years. It was started even before business strategy and IT strategy was built or even aligned with IT operations. It has evolved since the 2000s, but is the trend supporting business needs?

Proposed security enhancements to the 802.11 Protocol and Wireless RoutersBy Douglas Berdeaux
Protocol designers are faced with many challenges due to the problems with wireless network security. As you may know there are many tools out there that allow for WPA/WPA2 and WEP decryption, which pose a threat to all wireless network users. How can we fix that?

The Meta Network Security Strategy – Another way of thinkingBy Mads Becker Jørgensen
Today, network security has more than ever been associated with extreme technical complexity, which it can be in some aspects. But fundamentally it is really about creative thinking, corporation within the business and good old common sense.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) – Save Time, Save Money, Secure the NetworkBy Alex Martin
In years gone by Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances and services from vendors in the security industry have been led by the firewalling industry leaders who simply bolt on OEM versions of web filtering, gateway anti-virus, mail filtering and IPS.

NetFlow – Information to Track Network EventsBy Claude Labbe
What is NetFlow and How to use its information to track network events? This article will attempt to teach you about NetFlow, but be warned! You need to realize that this solution has numerous merits, it cannot be used as a cure-all to the situations you may experience, but it is a very useful adjunct to your toolkit.

Enterprise Perimeter Security on a Budget: Cisco Pix 500 Series Security ApplianceBy Chris Weber
We hear about cutting edge technology being implemented by fortune 500 and 100 firms to protect their networks from unauthorized use. These solutions tend to be high end hardware and software solutions for high end security budgets. But many breaches tend to occur on smaller mid sized or small networks where IT Budgets are constrained well beyond the reach of that high end fancy IPS system.

Extra Article – ForeScout Technology Mobile Security SoftwareBy Sembiante Massimiliano
According to latest market statistics, smartphone and tablet devices will outnumber personal computers by 2013, becoming the most used devices for accessing Internet, processing and storing personal data. Sembiante Massimiliano will discuss the threats in mobile communication and will review the ForeScount Security Platform.

Interview with Alex KirkBy Piotr Linke for Hakin9
An interview with Alex Kirk, a member of SourceFire’s Vulnerability Research Team will discuss the threats and attacks as well as the techniques used in network security. Alex not only shares his research, beliefs but also gives details about himself.


April 19, 2022
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