Download FileHakin9_06_2012.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Biometrics: Secure? Hackable? You Decide… By Gary S. Miliefsky The Biometric System used for security is similar to a door lock and a mechanical key. With the right key, you can unlock and open the door. By providing your unique ID, known as your “biometric” or if multi-faceted (your finger and your retina print), your “biometrics”, you are providing the proper key to open the lock, which is also known as a Biometric Security System. As these Biometric Security Systems have evolved, they continue to be based on seven basic criteria – uniqueness, universality, permanence, collectability, performance, acceptability and circumvention. If you really want to get into the history of biometrics just google “Schuckers biometric security systems” and you could spend all day reading and learning about it. Life with Biometrics By Randy Naramore Biometric Authentication has been heralded as....

April 19, 2022
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