BlackBerry Playbook – New Challenges
by Yury Chemerkin
This approach mainly based on examines how many differences do exist between BlackBerry OS and new BlackBerry OS based on QNX OS. It highlights whether one techniques provide more easy implementation, investigation and handling or not, what common differences examiners may encounter and what they should as concept be involved to forensic handling with these platforms because a Playbook OS is completely a new approach.

Matryoshka dolls: how to mock your AV for fun or profit
by Stefano Maccaglia
Don’t risk to be a victim of monkeys.
Read our article on Crypters and you will be spared…
Long story short, we will talk about malware encryption and antivirus, a matter that we are used to.
We will introduce the Crypters and their obfuscation mechanism and we will analyze undetection techniques.
We will talk also about the importance of Crypters in the malware economy and… Oh my, why are you here?… go read the paper….

E-mail Attack Vectors
by Daniel Pesserl
Because e-mail is used by everyone on many different clients like your phone, browser and e-mail program the sender is able to gather much information about you, your habits, technology, service providers and even physical location with something as simple as an embedded image invisible to the eye or even just text! …this is just the beginning!

Spyware and E-Mail Security – A real and present Danger or an overstated Threat? 
by Bob Bird
A Google search on Spyware and E-Mail Security produces about 25,400,000 results in 0.21 seconds, which is an indication that there is no shortage of information and products, related to the issue. However, what is the reality posed by spyware and to what extent has the phenomenon of “Scareware” resulted in confusion and bewilderment amongst the vast majority of email users.

Email security – from the top and inside-out
by Milan Bozić
A modern world as today can’t be imagined without advanced technologies. We are taking everything offered for granted, never thinking about possible consequences if someone else accidentally or deliberately disclose our sensitive data or information. Every day we are sending a lot of emails, either personal or for business, without any protection, and we never know is someone lurking “at the end of the line”.

Spyware and E-Mail Security
by Garth Bruen
How many email or texts do you send every day? How many different people do you contact and about what subjects? Truly think about it and the sum of what you send to family, friends and coworkers may not seem very interesting. Few of us are emailing state secrets on a regular basis, but regardless of how mundane your emails may seem there are many people and entities interested in what you are sending and to whom.

Design of an Intruder Detection System Using Neural Networks
by Vicente Alarcon-Aquino, Pilar Gomez-Gil, Juan Manuel Ramirez-Cortes
Certain applications, such as online banking sites, are particularly at risk due to the fact that a breach in security would be catastrophic. Several methods have been developed as alternatives solution to the problem of Internet security. It is thus the very dynamic and ever-changing nature of computer network attacks that make an approach based on neural networks an efficient course of action. In this article a step-by-step methodology for detecting and classifying attacks in computer networks by using neural networks is reported.

Prelude to LTE Security – Walk through the Attach Procedure
by Cristina Vintila
Next Generation Networks, 4G, LTE, the buzz words of the telecommunications world of today. The fun fact is that you don’t even notice the change, unless you see how fast you can now download your favorite videos. Would you imagine how many things take place behind the scenes of an LTE network? Let’s have a look at the activities an LTE handset and an LTE network conduct in order to provide you with that fast access to your favorite service. The most important actions taken by our LTE handsets and the network are to properly secure our access and to classify our traffic in such a way that we get the best quality of experience, with the highest possible level of security. This article presents a walk through the LTE attach procedure, as well as get into the security of the access to this 4G network.

Penetration testing. Practical guide
by Valery Khvalov
Sometimes, performers proposal looks very tempting. Low price, successful projects, famous technologies. As result – you have brilliant-looking project, fulfilling your requirement. But price, payed for this might be higher. Just small stupid mistake in codding concept may affect your business.


April 19, 2022
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