Blueprinting the Target - Workshop eBook


Hacking is famous and is among the most searched words on search engines. It’s always been an interesting topic for school students. Hacking is an extra mile from the normal information technology field. You need to know many things if you want to peruse your career in the field of ethical hacking or security testing.  As we have just mentioned, learning hacking requires you to know many things, however, we will present for you in a nutshell how to perform ethical hacking but our workshop is limited to focusing on key steps involved in ethical hacking.


    • Knowledge of TCP/IP protocols

    •  Basic knowledge of Metasploit framework

    • Prior hands-on experience with Virtual Machines

    • Understand general concepts of networking technologies

    • Experienced in any one operating system [Linux, Windows & OSX]

    • Understands the basics of hacking terminologies, e.g. exploit, payload, vulnerability

    • Prior experience with any network based security scanners

This e-book contains text materials from the course.



Module 1 – Basics of Hacking

    • Basic Concepts

        • Ethical hacking & Penetration Testing

    • Virtual Lab Setup

        • Step 1 – Installing Virtual Box Software

        •  Step 2 – Installing Ubuntu Linux

Module 2 – Understanding the methods for hacking Network Nodes

    • Introduction

    • Prerequisites

    •  90/10 Principle

        •  Phases of Ethical Hacking

        •  Activities of Information Gathering Phase

        •  Activities of Execution Phase

        •  Installing Hacking Tools in Virtual Lab Environment

Module 3 – Information Gathering

    • Introduction

    • Prerequisite

    • Quick walkthrough

        • Virtual hacking lab environment

        • Identifying live hosts

        • Discovering Operating Systems

        • Discovering ports and services

Module 4 – Vulnerability Assessment & Management

    • Knowledge Base

        • Next what is required?

    • Tools required

    • Vulnerability Assessment

    •  Vulnerability Management

Module 5 – Draw the Blueprint of the target

    • Introduction

    • Nmap Scans

        • Summary of Vulnerabilities Gathered

        • Most Common Vulnerabilities

        • Summary of Operating Systems Discovered

        • Details of Discovered Vulnerabilities

        • Solution

        • Solution 2

        • Discovered Users & Groups


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8 years ago

I have work in hackinge

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