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Welcome to the “Attacking Network Devices” workshop. In the battle of technology, network devices play an important role to keep the Internet wheel of the corporate world turning when challenges are at the door every single day in the form of cyber crime or security threats to their Information Technology. Information security professionals play a smart role to protect the corporate technology world, however, cyber criminals are even smarter. That is why you hear news of hackers compromising large enterprises including vendors who provide information security services & products. A group of individual computers, or any device that can have an Internet Address (IP), is considered a network device regardless of the work this device performs, this is the general concept. This normally includes the following devices or systems but is not limited to:

● Servers ● Routers ● Switches ● Firewalls ● Mobile Devices ● Printing Devices ● Wireless Devices ● Personal Computers (PC) ● Intrusion Detection Systems ● Intrusion Prevention Systems ● Network Attached Storage Devices Such devices are considered Network Devices.

In this workshop, you will gain experience in attacking network devices. However, it would be difficult to cover all of these devices in one workshop but we will cover as much as we can. You must have these devices running in your lab or you should have authorization to perform such attacks in order to evaluate the security blueprint of the network you are attacking. But, this is not possible for all of our readers, so we will also help you to setup your own virtual home lab in which you can run more of these devices which will help you to develop your security testing skills and gain more hands-on experience.

This e-book contains text materials from the course.


Attacking Network Devices

    • Overview

    • You Should Know

    • You Will Learn

    • Syllabus

    • Who should take this course?

    • Key Audience

    • What Students should bring.

    • Instructor

Module 1 – Well Known Vendors in Networking

    • Tutorial 1 – Core Principles.

    • Top Players in Internetworking

    • Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System

    • Firewalls

    • Cisco Systems – The Giant

    • Juniper networks

    • Checkpoint Software Technologies

    • Vulnerabilities Lookup from Famous Exploit –

    • Cisco Security Advisories

Module 2 – Security Testing of Internetworking Operating System

    • Tutorial 1 – The Home Lab

    • Recommended lab setup

    • GNS3 Configuration

    • Router Setup

    • Exercise 1 – Discovering Network.

    • Tools Required (Available in Kali Linux)

Module 3 – Walkthroughs on Hacking Network Devices

    • Tutorial 1 – Attack Methodology

    • Attack Methodology

    • Phases of Attack Methodology

    • Passive Information Gathering

    • Active Information Gathering

    • Attacking Network Devices

    • Walkthrough of Network Attack

    • Tool: netdiscover

    • Tool: nmap

    • SNMP Attack

    • Tool: snmapcheck / snmpwalk

Module 4 – Evading Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems

    • Tutorial 1 - Understanding Firewalls and IDS

    • What is Firewall?

    • Firewall Architecture

    • Bastion Host

    • Screened Subnet

    • Multi-homed Firewall

    • Types of Firewalls

    • Packet Filtering Firewall

    • Circuit Level Firewall

    • Application Level Firewall

    • Stateful Multilayer Inspection Firewalls

    • How to Evade Firewalls?

    • Tutorial 2 – Fire-walking

    • Tool: Traceroute

    • Fragmented Packets Scans

    • Source port number specification

    • Random Order Scan

    • Intrusion Detection Systems

    • Methods of Detecting Intrusion in the Network

    • Types of Intrusion Detection Systems

    • Is it possible to evade Intrusion Detection Systems?

    • Signature based Evasion (Obfuscation)

    • Encryption

    • IDS DOS Attack

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Attacking Network Device (1).epub
Attacking Network Device (1).pdf

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