Download Filehakin9_04_2010_EN.pdf Please login or Register to access downloadables Download Firewalls for Beginners Antonio Fanelli Firewalls are often overlooked, but are actually one of the best deterrents against unauthorized accesses. Learn how to build a low-cost firewall with iptables. Whenever people ask me how they can be sure no one can have unauthorized remote access to their PC, my first answer is: disconnect your PC! Pwning Embedded ADSL Routers Aditya K Sood This paper sheds light on the hierarchical approach of pen testing and finding security related issues in the small embedded devices that are used for local area networks. The paper is restricted to not only testing but also discusses the kinds of software and firmware used and incessant vulnerabilities that should be scrutinized while setting up a local network. Writing WIN32 shellcode with a C-compiler  Didier Stevens Shellcode is hard to write. That is why I worked out....

April 19, 2022
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8 years ago


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